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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Fund?  Wofford’s Annual Fund includes the Unrestricted Annual Fund, Terrier Club and Friends of the Library.   All of which support the current operating budget of the college. 

How do I make a memorial or honorgift for someone? For a mailed gift you can include the notation on the check itself or enclose a note.  For online gifts, the system will ask if the gift is a memorial or honor gift.  Wofford will notify the honoree or the family about your gift (amounts are not included). 

When does the gift year end? Wofford’s gift year coincides with the calendar year. 

How can I find out if my company (or my spouse’s company) will match my gift to Wofford? You can search our online database or you can call your human resource department. 

How is the matching gift process initiated? Companies have varying procedures regarding their matching gift programs but in most cases you are required to start the process with a form that is sent to Wofford for verification of the gift. 

Do matching gifts count towards my gift club level? Yes, matching gifts are counted in your gift total but remember that if your gift is made near the end of the calendar year, the match may not be received until the following year. 

How will my gift be publicly recognized? All donors are listed by gift club level within their constituent group in our online Honor Roll of Contributors unless they request to remain anonymous. 

Can I make a gift anonymously?  Yes, you can indicate on a check, remittance envelope or on the online gift form under “Other Instructions” that you wish to remain anonymous.  Your gift will still count in your class or constituent group totals but your name will not be published. 

How do I make a gift of stock? Call Ed Story at 864-597-4205 for guidance. 

Can I make a recurring gift on my credit card? You can either enter it into the online gift system making sure to mark monthly payments or you can contact Lisa De Freitas at 864-597-4191 to handle it over the phone. 

How do I set-up a bankdraft? Print this form, attach a voided check, and mail it: 

Development Office
429 North Church Street 
Spartanburg, SC 29303-3663 

My spouse also went to Wofford; will we both get credit for making a gift? If we know that you are married, each spouse will received credit for the full gift amount plus any matching gift credit that is available. 

Will I receive a receipt? You will receive an official college receipt within a few days of making your gift. 

I can’t find my receipt.  How do I get aduplicate? Contact Brenda McGuire at 864-597-4201 or mcguirebb@wofford.edu.  

Can I write one check to Wofford even if I am supporting multiple funds at the college? One check made out to Wofford College is sufficient; simply enclose a list of designation amounts. 

Why did I receive a pledge reminder when I already sent in my gift? Your gift could have been processed after the pledge reminders were printed or your gift may have been applied incorrectly in the database.  Please contact Brenda McGuire at 864-597-4201 or mcguirebb@wofford.edu if you feel an error has been made. 

Why am I getting calls from students seeking support when my child is the Wofford graduate? Many parents of alumni continue their relationship and support of Wofford long after their child has graduated.  We also make every effort to contact your child as well. 

I am still getting mail and phone calls for my child who graduated several years ago? Encourage your child to update his information with the college so that we can make sure to let him/her know about events, important announcements and other opportunities. 

Why did I receive a pledge reminder when I did not make a pledge? We make every effort to be accurate in our pledge and gift recording but occasionally a mistake is made.  Please feel free to contact Brenda McGuire at 864-597-4201or mcguirebb@wofford.edu in order to make the necessary adjustment. 

Does Wofford accept Gifts-in-KindIn some cases, please contact Ed Story at 864-597-4205 for more information. 

What is the difference between an annual gift and a capital or endowed gift? Annual Gifts support the operating budget and are spent during the current fiscal year.  An endowed gift is invested and the interest off of the principle is used to fund a scholarship, professorship or program.  A capital gift is used to build or renovate a facility on the campus.