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The Great Oaks Society

The Great Oaks Society recognizes individuals who provide leadership support ($2,500 or greater) to Wofford's Unrestricted Annual Fund.

Members of the Great Oaks Society are the most noble supporters of the college, like the towering oaks that have sheltered the campus for over 150 years. Through their unrestricted annual gifts, these beneficent donors display immeasurable trust in President Samhat and the Board of Trustees in determining the areas of greatest need at the college.

These unrestricted annual dollars allow Wofford to remain not only competitive, but on the leading edge of higher education as a nationally recognized college of liberal arts. 

For more information about the Great Oaks Society, please contact Lisa De Freitas '88, Director of Annual Giving, at 864-597-4191. 



2014 Great Oaks Members  
Mrs. Maryann C. Abbott
Mr.'69 and Mrs. Robert M. Ariail
Mr.'71 and Mrs. Robert A. Barber, Jr.
Dr.'75 and Mrs. W. Byron Barber, II
Mr.'74 and Mrs. Evans T. Barnette
Mr.'81 and Mrs. Matthew B. Bolton
Dr.'78 and Mrs. Michael H. Brannon
Mr.'64 and Mrs. Monnie L. Broome
Dr. Dawn Williams Burks '81
Mr.'83 and Mrs. Christopher L. Cannon
Mr. Chris P. Carpenter '90 and Cathy C. Henson
Ms. Kathleen M. Cates
Mr. and Mrs. Mac L. Cates, Jr.
Mr.'71 and Mrs. J. Harold Chandler
Dr.'87 and Mrs. James R. Ciesla
Mr.'65 and Mrs. David R. Clark
Mr. Hugh Close
Mr.'78 and Mrs. James C. Crawford, III
Mr.'83 and Mrs. Cameron S. Davidson
Mrs. Mary Alice Davidson
Mr.'69 and Mrs. Craig K. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Edwards
Mr.'58 and Mrs. G. Manly Eubank
Mr.'96 and Mrs. Pearce W. Fleming, Jr.
Dr.'60 and Mrs. Oscar J. Fletcher, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William Foster
Dr.'57 and Mrs. Donald L. Fowler
Mr.'69 and Mrs. Arthur G. Fusco
Rev.'58 and Mrs. Ted H. Gaines
Mr.'76 and Mrs. John W. Gandy
Mr. Harry H. Gibson, Jr.
Mrs. Joan Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gieser
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Habisreutinger
Rev. Robert A. Hall, Jr.'51
Mrs. Anne A. Hames
LTC G. Christopher Hammet '82
Mr.'75 and Mrs. W. Carlisle Hamrick
Dr. Daniel H. Hayes '77
Ms. Elisabeth E. Hayes
Mrs. Robert C. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. R. Cates Hayes, Jr.
Rev.'75 and Mrs. John W. Hipp
Dr.'86 and Mrs. Evans P. Holland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hoy, Jr.
Mr. T. Alan Hutchins '84
Mr.'73 and Mrs. R. Michael James
Mr. Albert L. Johnson, III '66
George Dean '64 and Susu Johnson
Mr.'64 and Mrs. Sam W. Jones, Jr.
Mr.'02 and Mrs. David P. Jordan
Mr. F. Kimball Joyner, Jr.'71
Mr.'64 and Mrs. Thomas R. Kelly
Mr. Thomas Kemmerlin, Jr.'52 *
Dr. Cynthia E. Kolb '89
Dr. and Mrs. James Dominic Lamm
Mr.'91 and Mrs. S. Sterling Laney, III
Dr. and Mrs. Joab M. Lesesne, Jr.
Mr.'62 and Mrs. T. Patrick McAbee
Ms. Monique McDowell '92
Mr.'07 and Mrs.'07 Hunter L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie H. Miller
Dr.'84 and Mrs.'84 David J. Moody, II
Mr.'74 and Mrs. M. Stewart Mungo
Mr.'80 and Mrs. Steven W. Mungo
Mr.'64 and Mrs. Douglas B. Nash
Drs. Mitch '05 and Liz '05 Nimmich
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pence
Dr.'60 and Mrs. T. Carroll Player, Jr.
Hon.'65 and Mrs. Costa M. Pleicones
Mr. and Mrs. David Posey
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Post, Jr.
Mr. J. Patrick Prothro '96
Mr.'71 and Mrs. Hunter C. Quick
Dr. and Mrs. Philip N. Racine
Mr. J. Edwin Reeves, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John Rhee
Mr.'59 and Mrs. Jerry Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Robinson
Mr.'68 and Mrs. Michael A. Sandifer
Mrs. Harriet A. Sessoms
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus R. Shelly
Mr.'59 and Mrs. L. Wallace Sink
Mr.'75 and Mrs. C. Michael Smith
Dr.'71 and Mrs. Kenneth E. Smith
Mr.'49 and Mrs. Milton A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Pomeroy Smith, II
Mr.'68 and Mrs. T. C. Thomasson, Jr.
Mr. Ral W. Turbeville, Jr.'98 and Ms. Kristi Soutar
Dr. Joella F. Utley
Dr. Dale Villeponteaux '68 and Ms. Gail Arneke
Dr. Stanley '96 and Mrs. Megan P.'97 Walsh
Mr.'63 and Mrs. J. Spratt White, IV
Mr.'72 and Mrs. John B. White, Jr.
Mr.'59 and Mrs. John K. Williams
Dr. Robert C. Williams '67
Drs. Randy'79 and Carol '81 Wilson
Mr.'50 and Mrs. Billy W. Wood
Mrs. Joyce Payne Yette '80