Dr. Hill and students

Program Requirements

The program in Gender Studies offers students an integrated approach to the study of gender in human culture. Drawing on courses in such areas as Art History, English, Foreign Languages, History, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology, the program encourages students to pursue interests across several disciplines. It culminates in an independent capstone project designed to integrate learning from two areas of study.

The program in Gender Studies is not a major. Courses applied toward requirements for Gender Studies may be counted also toward requirements they satisfy in other programs, majors or minors. Completion of the program will be noted on the transcript.

Program Requirements:

15 hours (five three-hour courses) as follows:

1. One theory course: Either ENGL 345 (Gender Theory and Literature), HIST 389 (Topics in Modern Intellectual History), PHIL 315 (Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Friendship), ENGL 352 (Sexuality and Film), ENGL 339 (Race, Gender, and Empire), GSP 301 (Introduction to Gender Studies), or PHIL 303 (Feminist Philosophy).

2. Three more courses from the following list (with not more than two, including the theory course, from the same department).

  • ARTH 241 African Art: Gender, Power, and Life Cycle Ritual
  • ARTH 412 Women in Renaissance and Baroque Art
  • CHIN 299 The Image of Women in Chinese Literature
  • ENGL 338 Early Women Writers
  • ENGL 339 Race, Gender and Empire
  • ENGL 345 Literature and Gender Theory
  • ENGL 352 Sexuality and Film
  • FREN 412 French Novel (with instructor permission)
  • GSP 301 Introduction to Gender Studies
  • HIST 319 History of American Women
  • HIST 385 Women in European History
  • HIST 389 Topics in Modern Intellectual History
  • PHIL 216 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL 303 Feminist Philosophy
  • PHIL 315 Philosophy of Love, Sex, and Friendship
  • PSY 260 Human Sexuality
  • SOC 250 Sex and Gender Across Cultures
  • SOC 315 Sex, Gender, and the Family
  • SPAN 308 Modern Writers of the Hispanic World (with approval of coordinators)

Special or advanced topics courses in Art History, English, Foreign Languages, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion or Sociology approved by the coordinators.

3. Senior Capstone Project
448. Capstone Project: Gender Studies
Designed by the student, the Capstone Project combines an understanding of gender theory with study in two disciplines. The product of the project may take the form of a traditional research paper of 20-30 pages, but works of fiction or drama, field studies, multi-media presentations, or other formats are acceptable, subject to the approval of the coordinators. Products other than research papers must be accompanied by bibliography of sources and a 5-10 page statement explaining goals, results, and research methods. Students will work closely throughout the semester with two faculty advisors and will defend the results of their projects before a committee of three faculty members: two who teach courses in the program and one outside reader. At least one committee member will be a program coordinator. The defense will be open to the Wofford community. Prerequisite: Permission of the coordinators.