3 students working together at Glendale Site

What is Gold Black and Green?

Gold Black and Green (GBG) is an intellectual, operational, and cultural movement for environmental sustainability and carbon neutrality.

This means:

  • GBG is a campus wide initiative. It isn't controlled or run by any one office, but is a collection of like minded individuals working to make Wofford a greener place to live, work and learn.
  • GBG is more than just recycling and reducing our carbon footprint, although those are important factors too. It is also about changing attitudes and making sustainable practices second nature to people.
  • GBG is about educating the campus and the community about environmental issues and what they can do to become more green.

Want to learn more? Contact Wofford's Office of Community Sustainability at 864.597.4402 or at gbg@wofford.edu.