Students studying outside the library

Living Learning Communities

A Living Learning Community (LLC) allows students to immerse themselves in a topic across multiple courses, both inside and outside of the classroom. For the Fall 2018 semester, incoming students may apply to participate in one of four LLCs that focus on a wide array of topics. The students in each of these communities will all share at least two classes and live in close proximity in their residence hall.

The communities will allow for integrative learning, rich relationships with instructors and fellow students, and an opportunity to become more deeply involved in the Wofford and Spartanburg communities.


  • Intentional relationships with professors and other students
  • Experiential learning opportunities on campus and in the Spartanburg community
  • Early registration for LLC courses

Application Process for Incoming Students

  • Applications are due by July 5 (priority deadline is June 28)
  • Click the Living Learning Community (LLC) checklist item in the FYI tab of myWofford
  • Indicate your interest in participating in an LLC
  • Select any of the LLCs that you would like to take, and then rank those selections in order of preference
  • Write a brief statement (one or two paragraphs) as to why you are interested in participating

If I have a roommate in mind, does s/he need to apply to the same LLC?  

  • Preference will be given to applicants whose roommate also applies to any of the LLCs. However, roommates do NOT need to apply to the same LLC.
  • Students selected to participate in an LLC without a roommate choice will be assigned a roommate who is also in one of the communities.

What if I apply and I decide that I do not want to participate?
Because housing assignments are based on the application, please do not apply if you are not committed to participating in an LLC.  Students placed in an LLC are expected to remain in the community.

How will this work with registration?
All students selected for participation will be enrolled in the appropriate LLC sections before regular registration opens.


Fall 2018 Living Learning Communities

Theatre House

HUM 101: Theatre of Justice 

Dr. Mark Ferguson

THEA 212: Art of Acting 
Prof. Dan Day

 2. Cultural Crossings: Explorations in Intercultural Learning in the 21st Century  
REL 241: Newer Religions of the World
Dr. Dan Mathewson

SPAN 201: Intermediate Active Spanish 
Dr. Britton Newman

 3.  Social Problems and 21st Century Skills: Exploring Contemporary Social Issues

SOC 215: Social Problems
Dr. Rhiannon Leebrick

SPAN 201: Intermediate Active Spanish 
Dr. BegoƱa Caballero-Garcia 

 4. Education and Society
FYI 101: First Year Interaction Seminar
Dean Boyce Lawton

HUM 101: Education and Society
Dr. John Miles