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Contact Information 

For a Student focused list or a faculty/staff concern list see the Whom to Contact Page


9911  Medical emergency (e.g., ambulance needed) 9-911
4911  Other emergency

Student Problems

4371 Beth Wallace
4040 Roberta Bigger

Emotional problems:
Emotional Distress Handbook
Note: If a student is depressed or mentions suicide, escort the student to the Wellness Center.

peertutor@wofford.edu Peer Tutoring

4020 Provost's Office
Poor attendance. The Provosts's office will send the student an attendance warning, copying parents, advisor, and the instructor. Provost Sosulski has requested this warning be sent if a student misses two consecutive class meetings.

To get a key 4350  Contact security to access a room you have reserved
Call the designated key operator to reserve rooms: See Room reservations
Photocopier problem

4357 Help Desk

Computer problem 4357  Help Desk
Classroom problem
4357  Equipment problem (help@wofford.edu)
4385  Other problem
Office/building problem 4385  Maintenance
Campus grounds problem 4385  Groundskeeping
Personal Web pages for faculty 4174  Craig Sudduth
College Web site 4174  Craig Sudduth

4302  Reference Desk
4309  Archives
Request a research appointment
Inter-library loan book request
Inter-library loan article request

Should you need to order materials, please contact our new Director of Collections, Discovery and Access, April Grey at greyae@wofford.edu or extension 4307.

To put books or media on reserve, including digital media, contact Paul Jones, Circulation Coordinator.

Order Textbooks 4060 Contact Rebecca at Ben Wofford Books
Change of Address Send a note to Carole Lister or Rosa Bethea in Human Resources (CPO D).
Desk/Review copies of textbooks Contact your publisher's rep. You can usually track down your rep from a publisher's home page and some provide forms to request copies.
"Loaner" computers, audio/visual equipment, classroom clickers, etc. 4357  Help Desk (help@wofford.edu)