Students kayaking at Glendale

The Dam Cam

About the Dam Cam

Welcome to the Goodall Environmental Studies Center's Dam Cam! You are looking upstream along the Lawson's Fork Creek.

The Lawson's Fork has its headwaters in Inman, SC and it flows into the Pacolet River downstream of Glendale. You are seeing the river flowing over a dam that was built in the early 1900s to help power Glendale's textile mill. It replaced an older dam that was washed out in the flood of 1903. The textile mill was located "behind you" from this location before it was destroyed by a catastrophic fire in 2004 The metal bridge above the dam was erected in the 1920s to replace an earlier metal bridge. It has been a pedestrian bridge since the 1970s when a concrete road bridge was built upstream.

Be sure to visit the Lawson’s Fork Stream Gage page to see more about the flow of the Lawson's Fork. Visit the Glendale Shoals Preserve in person, too! Walking trails are open to the public dawn - dusk.