Students kayaking at Glendale
The Northside Haibun Broadside Project

In the spring of 2014 my environmental humanities class crossed Elizabeth Bradfield’s *haibun broadside project with Jonathan Skinner  & Gilles Clement’s ideas of *”The Third Landscape” to come up with an interesting array of glimpses of the soon-to-be redeveloped Northside neighborhood of Spartanburg. At the end of the semester for their final project the students explored the Northside’s abandoned streets and vacant lots. Their charge was to create a broadside out of three elements:  

Their prose notes through a “spill” of on-site free-writing.

A haiku, either in traditional three-lined-offset-poetry-fashion, or with lines set off with slashes.

A single photo taken of their meditation spot from their point of view.

Below you will find a generous selection of the best examples of what resulted from this collision of college student minds and, to use Skinner’s phrase, “The wild … right under their noses.”


“Attending the Living Word/World: Using Haibun to discover poetry” by Elizabeth Bradfield  (McSweenys, 2004)

“Thoughts on Things: Poetics of the Third Landscape” by Jonathan Skinner, from )((ECO(Lange)(UAGE(READER)) Edited by Brenda Iijima (Portable Press, 2010)


 Bryant - The Sidewalk                   Chalmers - North Side in the Sun  
By Susannah Bryant                                   By Rachel Chalmers

Gravely - Abandoned Lot              Hildebrand - Carefully Hidden Flame 
By Karen Gravely                                       By Thomas Hildebrand  


 Jones - How Concrete is Cement                   Kennedy - The Tombstone Trees 

By Madison Jones                                       By Walker Kennedy 


 LeRoy - The Concrete Garden                    Lyles - Pathways in Pavement       

  By Philip LeRoy                                            By Garrison Lyles      


McRacken - The Sidewalk to Nowhere                     Murray - Azaleas in the Attic 

  By Katie McRacken                                      By Savannah Murray   


 Perkins - Successional Steps                    Perry - The Unexpected Spot of Solitariness 

  By Virginia Perkins                                       By Seth Perry 


Rush - Take Over                   Stubley - Crumbling Walls                     

  By Anne-Elizabeth Rush                               By Stephen Stubley                                       

 Underwood - Mother Knows Best                     Watson - A Mysterious Past 

   By Chris Underwood                                    By Catherine Watson