Class working outside at Glendale


Dr. Kaye S. Savage
Kaye S. Savage
Associate Professor and Department Chair

B.A., Pomona College
B.S., Portland State University
Ph.D., Stanford University
(864) 597-4966
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Peter Brewitt
Peter K. Brewitt 
Assistant Professor 

B.A., Dartmouth College
M.A., Ph.D., University of California- Santa Cruz
(864) 597-4939
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Dr. Terry A. Ferguson
Terry A. Ferguson
Associate Professor and Senior Researcher for the Goodall Environmental Studies Center

B.A., Wofford College
M.A., Ph.D., University of Tennessee
(864) 597-4527
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Dr. John E. Lane
John E. Lane
 Professor and Director of the Goodall Environmental Studies Center

B.A., Wofford College
M.F.A., Bennington College
(864) 597-4518
Dr. Amy L. Telligman
Amy L. Telligman
Assistant Professor 

B.S., Presbyterian College
M.S., University of Georgia
Ph. D., University of Colorado-Boulder
(864) 597-4494


The ES major was developed in a collaboration with over twenty Wofford College faculty members from the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Many of these professors and others will be teaching core and focus courses in the program.