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English Links

English Grammar Links

Grammar and Style Notes
This is a collection of notes on English grammar by Jack Lynch at Rutgers University. One of the most popular manuals on the net, this site provides brief, clear definitions and notes on English grammar and punctuation.

Common Errors in English
Created and maintained by Paul Brians at Washington State University, this site may help you figure out where your errors are and how to correct them.

Purdue's On-line Writing Lab
Generally acknowledged as one of the best, this resource will cover most of your questions and problems.


Onelook Dictionaries
This site has indexed multiple dictionaries that you can search simultaneously while looking up difficult words. Be sure to note the publication date of the dictionary you retrieve your definition from--the meanings of words change over time.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
The electronic version of this prestigious resource. Note that this is a subscription site, so you need to be connected to the Wofford network to gain access.

Research and Documentation Links

Gnat's Guide to Documenting Sources
Designed by Dr. Grinnell and hosted on Wofford's server, this guide covers the basics of MLA documentation and has links to other resources.