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Holocene Publishing

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Holocene is a micro-publisher in upstate South Carolina. We mostly publish poetry, or accounts of trips "out there" to remote places like southern Mexico, Nepal or Wyoming.  We feature limited editions of poetry chapbooks, broadsides, travel journals and intelligent prose.  Think of us as something like a literary brew pub.  We're not Coors (or Harper-Collins), but we sure do have flavor and character.  We believe that Gutenberg made everyone a reader, photocopy made everyone a printer and now laser makes everyone a publisher. Micro-publishers unite! We have nothing to lose but our overhead, so drink up!

But Holocene is not all theory. Is is a working press with an official hound, Ellie Mae, asleep on the Holocene futon. Out back sits the Holocene Garage, which houses old bicycles, bruised kayaks, unfashionable clothes, insect families, and books.

John E. Lane, General Editor
Box 101, Wofford College