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Course Distribution Table

This table is intended to allow students and faculty to easily see which courses in the English major satisfy that distribution group, A, B, C, D, E, or F. For course descriptions, please refer to the Wofford College catalogue.

NOTE: Upper-level English courses are assigned numbers in the 300s and the 400s. There is no difference denoted by a 300 level course versus a 400 level course.

The Distribution Categories are as follows:

  • A- British Literature to 1660
  • B- British Literature after 1660
  • C- American Literature
  • D- Comparative and World Literatures
  • E- Language and Theory
  • F- Writing and Performance



Course Title

Distribution Category

301 English Medieval Literature A
302 Chaucer A
303 English Renaissance Drama A
304 Spenser, Milton, and the Renaissance Epic A
305 Shakespeare's Comedies and Histories A
306 Shakespeare's Tragedies and Romances A
307 English Renaissance Poetry A
310 Arthurian Literature A
311 The English Romantic Period B
312 The Victorian Period B
316 Contemporary British Literature B
411 Restoration and 18th Century English Drama B
412      Restoration and 18th Century Prose and Poetry B
413 The Early English Novel B
414 The Later English Novel B
415 The Modern Novel B
416 Modern Poetry B
421 Early American Popular Novels C
320 African American Literature C
321 American Literature before the Civil War C
322 American Literature after the Civil War C
323 Southern Literature C
324 Ethnic American Literature C
326 Contemporary American Fiction C
327 Contemporary American Poetry C
328 Contemporary Drama C
329 Postmodern American Literature C
330 Black Arts Movement C
422      Native American Literature C
420  20th Century American Short Story C
424 African American Drama C
425 American Theatre & Drama C
426 19th Century American Poetry C
335 The European Picaresque Novel D
336 European Masterpieces: Antiquity to Renaissance D
337 European Masterpieces: 17th Century to Present D
338 Early Women Writers D
339 Race, Gender, and Empire in World Literature D
340 African Literature  D
433      Modern Drama D
435 Global Digital Cultures D
436 Literature & Human Rights D
437 Selected Topics in World Literature    D
438 Greek & Roman Drama D
341 Literary Theory E
342 Contemporary English Grammar and Usage E
343 History of the English Language E
344 Teaching of Adolescent Literature E
345 Literature and Gender Theory E
346 American Political Rhetoric E
347      Visual Rhetoric E
350      Digital Media Theory E
445 Sexuality in Film E
446 Cinema and Surveillance E
447      Digital Literature E
371 Short Story Workshop F
373 Poetry Workshop F
375 The Art of the Personal Essay F
376 Playwriting Workshop F
377 Film Directing F
378 Novella Workshop F
379 Screenwriting Workshop F
381-2-3 Communications, Team Dynamics, and Conflict Management F
384 Writing for the Mass Media F
385 Composition and Rhetoric F
387 Business and Professional Writing F
388 Public Speaking F
389 Public Relations F
471 Advanced Short Story Workshop F
473 Advanced Poetry Workshop F
474      Writing in Digital Environments F
475 Writing with Sound F
476 Advanced Playwriting Workshop F


*English 344 counts toward the English major only for those students who are in the Teacher Education Program.