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  • What do you do with an English degree?

    What do you do with an English degree?

    Wofford graduates who majored in English are pursuing careers in a wide variety of fields. Some of our graduates are working as:

    • > Editorial Director at Wofford
    • > Director of Creative Writing at Governor’s School for the Arts
    • > Director of the Center for Teacher Education, Westfield State University
    • > Director of Alumni Relations, Atlanta Christian College
    • > Director of Development, School of Nursing, UVA
    • > Writer for Advertising Company
    • > Director of Digital Marketing at Wofford
    • > Senior Copywriter for Marketing Communications Firm
    • > Senior Account Manager for Advertising & Marketing Firm
    • > Public Relations Manager for Financial Services Firm
    • > Banker
    • > Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
    • > Hospital Administrator
    • > Prof of English and Coordinator of Advising at Wofford
    • > Attorney
    • > SC Supreme Court Judge
    • > Elementary School Teacher
    • > Secondary School Teacher
    • > Guidance Counselor
    • > Clinical Social Worker
    • > Prof of Environmental Studies at Wofford
    • > Public School Administrator
    • > Editor for Publishing Company
    • > Newspaper Journalist
    • > Freelance Journalist
    • > Director of Career Services at Wofford
    • > Freelance Writer for National Public Radio
    • > Writer for Reality TV
    • > Youth Pastor
    • > Government Liaison to the Maori in New Zealand
    • > Owner and Creative Director of Soapbox Interactive
    • > Peace Corps Volunteer
    • > Realtor

    Just because your degree is in English doesn't mean that the only thing you can do is be a high school English teacher, although Wofford has produced some great ones. What it does mean is that you have stellar reading and writing skills, that you can think critically and analyze arguments, and that you are prepared to take your skills and knowledge and apply them to a range of satisfying careers.

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  • In the Work Force

    The following are examples of careers for which a major in English will prepare you:

    • Elementary, middle, or high school teacher
    • College professor
    • Editor
    • Journalist
    • Technical writer
    • Publishing
    • Radio, television, or online communications
    • Social work
    • Management positions

    *Please note that some of these careers require additional schooling beyond an undergraduate degree.

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