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  • Why Major in Economics or Business Economics?

    Graduate representative talking with student

    Economists study how the choices and changes people make in all aspects of their lives impact each other. By studying and analyzing data they can help to understand, fix, and avoid economic problems.

    At Wofford, you’ll take foundational courses in the principles and theory of microeconomics and macroeconomics before branching out into a wide variety of courses that allow you to study ideas like Law and Economics, Environmental Economics, Economic History, Economics of Medical Care, Economics of Public Policy, Game Theory, Managerial Economics and more.

    Each major also completes a capstone course during his or her senior year that is designed to enhance, reinforce, and evaluate the student’s understanding of the economic way of thinking.

    Because Economics is a math-heavy field, students should have a strong grasp of both statistics and calculus before beginning economic coursework.

    The American Economic Association has created the following video for students considering a major in Economics: