Recruitment 2014 



We, the sisters of Delta Delta Delta, are so excited that you are interested in joining a sorority. Greek life is fun and rewarding. There's nothing more special than the bond of sisterhood. The Gamma Psi chapter of Delta Delta Delta prides itself on being a diverse group of young women. We have high morals and goals for our members, as well as know how to have fun and be helpful. We want all of our sisters to feel at home with us, and we hope through the recruitment process you feel the same way!

Please know that each of us as gone through this before so we understand how overwhelming it can be. If you have any questions or concerns you can email our president, Bailey King at We hope to see you soon!

Please email any references to our Reference Chair, Emily Paschal at


Recruitment dates:

Philanthropy Night: September 19

Theme Night: September 20

Preference Night: September 21

Bid Day: September 22

Picnic Table