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Wofford Writers Series

The Wofford Writers Series has been an important resource for the Wofford literary community since 1984. Since then it has brought to campus four or five writers each year, ranging from the Nobel Prize winning poet Seamus Heaney to the bestselling novelist Ron Rash, all of whom read from their work and meet informally with students, faculty and guests. These writers provide an insider's understanding of the literary process and inspiration for all who put words on a page.

Guest Speakers 1984 - Present
Roxana Robinson, novelist
Gary Jackson, poet
Michael Parker, fiction writer
Elizabeth Cox, poet and novelist
Thomas Pierce, fiction writer
Tarfia Faizullah, poet
2013-2014 Chitra Divakaruni, novelist
Wofford Poets Cathy Smith Bowers, Eric Kocher, Patrick Whitfill
Elizabeth Cox, poet
Stephen Graham Jones, novelist
2012-2013 Tobias Wolff, novelist
Kate Daniels, poet
Sandra Beasley, poet
Rebecca McClanahan, poet and memoirist
2011-2012 Arthur Golden, novelist
Tea Obreht, novelist
Jennie Neighbors, poet
Stephen Dunn, poet
Bret Lott, novelist
2010-2011 Julie Otsuka, novelist
Judith Ortiz Cofer poet
Batt Humphries, novelist
Myna Joseph's film "Man"
Mike Smith, poet
2009-2010 Richard Tillinghast, poet
Jeff VanderMeer, novelist
Rebecca McClanahan, poet
Richard Russo, novelist
2008-2009 Sheri Reynolds, novelist
Jon Thompson, poet
Wofford Poets
Richard Bausch, novelist
2007-2008 Josephine Humphreys, novelist
Rachel Harkai, poet
Gilbert Allen, poet
David Romtvedt, poet
Nikky Finney, poet
Aryn Kyle, novelist
2006-2007 Larry Heinemann, fiction
Ann Fisher-Wirth, poetry
Rebecca McClanahan, poetry
James C. Cobb, non-fiction
2005-2006 Ha Jin, fiction
Hal Crowther, essay
Tommy Hays, fiction
Lee Smith, fiction
2004-2005 Orson Scott Card, fiction
Coleman Barks, poetry
David Lee, poetry
Thorpe Moeckel, poetry
Sharyn McCrumb, fiction
2002-2003 Charles Johnson, fiction
Thorpe Moeckel, poetry
David Romtvedt, poetry and music
Rolando Hinojosa, fiction
George Singleton, fiction
Bill Bryson, non-fiction prose
2001-2002 Ron Rash, poetry and fiction
Pam Durban, fiction
Donald Hall, poetry
Padgett Powell, fiction
2000-2001 Tony Earley, fiction
David Bottoms, poetry
Judson Mitcham, poetry
Andrew Hudgins, poetry
1999-2000 W.D. Snodgrass, poetry
Tim McLaurin, fiction
Brenda Marie Osbey, poetry
Cathy Smith Bowers, poetry
1998-1999 Kate Daniels, poetry
Richard Murphy, poetry
Lewis Nordan, fiction
Jill McCorkle, fiction
1997-1998 James Hall, fiction
Mary Hood, fiction
Barbara Ras, poetry
Paul Allen, poetry
1996-1997 George Garrett, fiction
Harry Crews, fiction
Rebecca McClanahan, poetry
Three from Wales, poetry
1995-1996 Andrew Hudgins, poetry
Doris Betts, fiction
Michael Chitwood, poetry
Amy Hempel, fiction
1994-1995 William Price Fox, fiction
T.R. Pearson, fiction
Kathryn Stripling Byer, poetry
Eavan Boland, poetry
1993-1994 Larry Brown, fiction
Max Steele, fiction
Susan Ludvigson, poetry
Michael McFee, poetry
1992-1993 Bret Lott, fiction
Dori Sanders, fiction
Harry Crews, fiction
Claire Bateman, poetry
Paul Muldoon, poetry
1991-1992 Donald Hall, poetry
Sarah Gilbert, fiction
Madison Smartt Bell, fiction
James Applewhite, poetry
Jane Kenyon, poetry
1990-1991 Robert Creeley, poetry
James Wilcox, fiction
Jill McCorkle, fiction
Nikki Finney, poetry
Rodney Jones, poetry
1989-1990 Sterling Watson, fiction
Shirley Ann Grau, fiction
Elizabeth Spencer, fiction
Dave Smith, poetry
Peter Davison, poetry
1988-1989 Shelby Hearon, fiction
Kaye Gibbons, fiction
Jim Peterson, poetry
Philip Levine, poetry
Ellen Bryant Voight, poetry
1987-1988 Lee Smith, fiction
Clyde Edgerton, fiction
Barry Hannah, fiction
Michael Harper, poetry
Bobbi Ann Mason, fiction
1986-1987 James Dickey, poetry
Josephine Humphreys, fiction
Fred Chappell, poetry
Louis Simpson, poetry
1985-1986 Linda Pastan, poetry
Carolyn Forche, poetry
Peter Meinke, poetry
Peter Taylor, fiction
1984-1985 Seamus Heaney, poetry
David Wagoner, poetry
Tony Connor, poetry
Tess Gallagher, poetry
John Lane, poetry