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About the Program

The Department of Computer Science offers:

  • A major in Computer Science leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree or a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • A minor in Computer Science open to any student with a major other than Computer Science.
  • An Emphasis  in Computational Science open to any student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Physics, or Psychology.
  • An Emphasis in Information Management open to any student pursuing a major in Accounting, Business Economics, Economics, or Finance.

The major curriculum is designed to support a variety of interests in computing. An introductory programming course teaches problem solving using computers. Data structures, object-oriented programming, and computer organization are important components of the major. Advanced courses in areas such as computer graphics, operating systems, comparative programming languages, high-performance computing, computer networks, theory of computation, computational science, and team programming projects allow students to strengthen their knowledge of and abilities in the discipline.

The major in Computer Science has as its foundation the curricula recommendations of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and provides the basis for graduate study and employment in computer science.

Students majoring in biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, or psychology can also obtain an Emphasis in Computational Science.

Similarly, majors in Accounting, Business Economics, Economics, Finance, or Intercultural Studies for Business can obtain and Emphasis in Information Management.

Many students have computing internships at companies and government laboratories during the summer and interim. 

Students can participate in the social and professional activities of the Wofford Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Come by and talk to us (Olin Building, Room 204) or e-mail Dr. David A. Sykes.