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WoCoders show some attitude before heading off to the Mercer Spring Programming Competition, FEB 2012

The Wofford College Programming Team—WoCoders—has competed in regional programming contests since 1995. The WoCoders compete in 2 or 3 programming contests each year. David Sykes has been the coach since 2001. Angela Shiflet was the previous coach.

During a contest, teams of programmmers are given a set of problems to solve with a program in a given amount of time. The goal is to solve as many problems in the time allotted. The team that solves the most problems wins the contest. A tie is broken based on a system of penalty points that awards the win to the team that submitted the most correct programs in the shortest amount of time and with the fewest bugs.

We usually compete in three contests each academic year:

2014-2015 Competitions
Mercer University Spring Programming Competition
One team competed on February 21 at Mercer University. The WoCoders, Mayfield Reynolds, Billy Fahey, and Daniel Couch, finished in 2nd place in Senior Division 2 and 7th place overall.
Two teams competed against 29 other teams on November 8 at College of Charleston. Wofford Team A, Mayfield Reynolds, Yukun Peng, Conor McSherry, and Billy Faheby, finished in 1st place--a three-peat at CCSC:SE!
Two teams competed on November 15 at Georgia Tech. The teams finished 4th and 29th out of 47 teams in Division II. Daija Rogers, Mayfield Reynolds, and Wesley Duckett competed as the WoCoders team that finished 4th. Yukun Peng, Daniel Couch, and Danish Virani comprised the Terriers team.

2013-2014 Competitions

Two teams competed against 28 other teams on November 16 at Furman University. Wofford Team A finished in 1st place for the second year in a row. Wofford Team B struggled with the judging system and finished in 28th place.
Two teams competed on November 2 at Georgia Tech. The teams finished 7th and 12th out of 51 teams.
2012-2013 Competitions 
Two teams will competed on November 10 at Georgia Tech.  The teams finished 19th and 21st out of 47 teams in Division 2.
Two teams competed on November 3 at Southern Polytechnic State University. One of our teams finished in 1st Place, beating 28 other teams. Missy Gaddy, Sharon Guffy, Mayfield Reynolds, and "The Andrew Strasburger" solved all 8 problems in 1 hour, 33 minutes with only one incorrect submission. Our other team struggled too long with one of the eight problems (they should have moved on to another) and finished 19th

2011-2012 Competitions

Mercer University Spring Programming Competition
Two teams competed on February 25, 2012 and finished 13th and 18th out of 35 teams.

 2nd- and 9th-Place Finish for Programming Teams at CCSC:SE.

The Wofford Terriers A Team finished in 2nd place at Furman University. The team solved six problems. The team lead for most of the contest, but the Southern Mississippi team solved a seventh problem minutes before the contest ended.

The Wofford Terriers B team finished 9th in the contest having solved 4 problems.

2010-2011 Competitions

Mercer University Spring Programming Competition
Two teams competed at on February 19, 2011.

2nd- and 7th-Place Finish for Programming Teams at CCSC:SE.
The Wofford Terriers A Team, comprising Glenn Hope, Jesse Hanley, and Whitney Sanders, finished 2nd out of 24 teams held November 19 at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. The team solved seven problems. The team had considerably fewer penalty points than any of the other teams, but could not eke out a solution to the 8th problem

The Wofford Terriers B team—Jesse Dixon, Timothy Humphries, and Kenton Roush—finished 7th in the contest. On that team, Kenton is the only one with experience in a previous competition. Both teams had set as a goal finishing ahead of the Bob Jones University teams, who kept us in 2nd place in 2008.

Disappointing, but Respectable Finish at ICPC ACM-SER 2010.
Two teams competed in the ACM Southeast Regional Programming Contest. One team finished 43rd out of the 75 teams competing, having solved 1 of the10 problems. 14 teams, among them one of Wofford's teams, did not solve any of the problems in the difficult problem set.(Only 15 teams solved 4 or more.) Among teams from schools that do not offer graduate degrees in computer science, Wofford finished behind 6 teams from 2 schools, Mercer University and Bob Jones University, and ahead of teams from 5 other schools.

2009-2010 Competitions

Mercer University Spring Programming Competition
On February 28, 2010, the Wofford team—Manan Gupta, Tahir Motiwala, and Whitney Sanders—finished 7th out of 26 teams. 4 teams from Georgia Tech and 2 from Bob Jones University finished ahead of us, adding to our resolve to beat them next year.

The Wofford Terriers—Manan Gupta, Tahir Motiwala, and Whitney Sanders—finished 3rd out of 18 teams in a hard-fought contest.

The Wofford Terriers—Tahir Motiwala, Whitney Sanders, and Kenton Roush&sufferered a disappointing 65th-place finish at the ACM Southeast Regional having solved 2 problems. The team did quite well considering that Kenton, a freshman taking his first programming course at Wofford, was a last-minute pinch hitter for Manan Gupta, a junior and seasoned contest veteran.

2008-2009 Competitions

Impressive Finish for Programming Team
A team of four Wofford students—Shay Ellison, Manan Gupta, Brad Neff, and Stephen Strickland—finished second in the 2008 CCSC:SE Contest held in Augusta, GA. The team solved all seven problems and beat many strong teams. Their achievement represents a great deal of hard work over the years, problem-solving skills, intelligence, calmness under pressure, and teamwork. Congratulations to the team on their impressive finish!

Programming Teams Do Well at Regional Contest
Two Wofford teams did well in the prestigious ACM SER. Team Terrier 1—Shay Ellison, Manan Gupta, and Brad Neff—came in 17th; and Team Terrier 2—Glenn Hope, James Koutroulias, and Whitney Sanders—finished 46th. Most of the 76 participating schools were universities, and first-year graduate students can be team members. Top finishers were all teams from large schools, such as the Universities of Central Florida, Florida, and Clemson. Few 4-year colleges participated, and no colleges ranked higher than Team Terrier 1.

Mercer University Spring Programming Competition
The Wofford team finished in 10th place, topped by teams from our biggest competitors: Georgia Tech, Mercer University, and Bob Jones University. Each of these schools fielded four teams at the contest.