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Computer Science Graduates 

2014 Graduates

  • Wesley Dillard
  • M.J. Ellison
  • Missy Gaddy
  • Jonathan Gallimore
  • Noah Ginsburg
  • Jess Giovanni
  • John Jackson
  • Allen McAfee
  • Lamont McPhearson
  • Daniel Motter
  • Richard Mugabe
  • Callixte Nahimana
  • Caroline Odell
  • Evan Orenstein
  • Mike Sheffey
  • Josh Wheeler

2008 Graduates

  • Jud Craft, a major in chemistry with an Emphasis in Computational Science and minors in computer science and mathematics, is doing computational science research at Vanderbilt University Medical School
  • Daniel Harris is attending the University of South Carolina Law School.
  • Paul Wood, a double major in computer science and Chinese and recipient of the Dan W. Olds Computer Science Departmental Award, is in China pursuing work in the computer gaming industry. 

2006 Graduates

  • Stacy Barnell, a double major in mathematics and business finance with a minor in computer science, is working for BearingPoint Management and Technology Consultants.
  • Heidi Bostic, first recipient of The Dan W. Olds Computer Science Departmental Award and double major in chemistry and computer science, is pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Tennessee.
  • Matthew Campbell is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserves and went into active duty shortly after graduation.
  • Paige Matthews is attending Emory University Divinity School.

2005 Graduates

  • Callie Bagwell, Computer Science - Callie has a position at MetLife.
  • Katie Hutchens, Mathematics and Computer Science - Katie has a position at MetLife.
  • Stephen Ingram, Computer Science - Stephen is a contractor with QS/1.
  • Robert Merting, Business Economics and Computer Science - Robert is working with Milliken Corporation in Barnwell, SC.
  • Christine Savvakis, Computer Science and Mathematics - Christine, who won a prestigious GAANN Fellowship, has completed her masters degree in computer science at Florida State University. Currently, she is a systems programmer for QS/1 Data Systems in Spartanburg.  

2004 Graduates

  • Jonathan Debusk, Computer Science and History - Jonathan has a position at MetLife.
  • David Harmon, Computer Science and Mathematics - David, who won a prestigious NSF Graduate Fellowship, is pursuing Ph.D. in computer science (computer graphics) at Columbia University.
  • Hal Hutchens - Hal is working at Computer Sciences Corporation, Columbia, SC

2003 Graduates

  • Michael Baker - Michael has a position at QS1.
  • JP Chamberlin - JP is working at Milliken & Co.
  • Barton Ledford - Barton went to work for Milliken & Co. after graduation.
  • Hitesh Tolani - Hitesh is attending the University of Pennsylvania's Dental School.

2001 Graduates

  • Sylvester Carstarphen - Sylvester has a position at Synovus, Columbus, GA.
  • Sarah Clapper - Sarah went into the U.S. Army after graduation.
  • Crystal Craig - Crystal is working with Comporium's Network Administration Group.
  • Tracy Howard - Graduate school at the University of Texas.
  • Diana Jackson - After earning an MS in Computer Science at Columbia University School of Engineering in New York, NY, Diana became a Technical Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

2000 Graduates

  • Jason Burr - Jason is Director of Information Management at Wofford College.
  • Stephen Elliott - Stephen is Asset Management Product Administrator at Ahold Information Services.
  • RenÈ Olivier - RenÈ worked at MTHIS in Spartanburg for a year as a web developer before joining TASPCO in Greenville, SC.
  • Bishop Ravenel - Bishop turned down a computer science fellowship to attend the University of Richmond Law School. 

1999 Graduates

  • Kevin Blocker - Keven pursued an MS in Computer Science at North Carolina State University.
  • Adam Brannon - Adam works at Innovative Architects in Atlanta, GA.
  • Aaron Price - Aaron pursued an MS in Computer Science at North Carolina State University.
  • Tommy Woods - Tommy is working for QS1 in Spartanburg SC as an web developer. 

1998 Graduates

  • Thomas Tinch became a Report Analyst for Revman in Greenville, SC.  The Revman organization is responsible for the market and shipping of Tommy Hilfiger and other designer companies that manufacture bed and bath linens.

1994 Graduates

  • Wendy Schaffer - Wendy completed a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interfacing at Virginia Tech.
  • Michael Overbay - Michael works at Milliken Corp.

1993 Graduates

  • Jason Brummett - Jason works at Metaprise Corporation.
  • Leslie Lilienthal - Leslie has been working for Jarden Consumer Solutions as a Senior System Analyst designing and implementing financial data warehouses as well as direct to consumer data warehouses that feed their ERP system.
  • Keith Sturkey - Keith is working at Colonial Supplemental Insurance company in Columbia.
  • Jason Womick - After teaching in the public schools, working in industry, and earning a masters degree, Jason became Vice President for Technology at Wofford College.

1992 Graduates

  • Chris Johnson - After completing his Masters in Computer Science at Clemson University, Chris worked for NASA Goddard.
  • RoxAnn Hodges Stalvey - After completing her Masters in Computer Science at the University of South Carolina, RoxAnn became a computer science instructor at the College of Charleston, Charleston, SC.