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Student Information – Preparing for Graduation, Your Senior Year

Steps to Graduate

In addition to successfully completing all of your coursework and graduation requirements, there are a few things you should do to ensure that things run smoothly your senior year. 

  1. Verify that your degree, major, minor, and program declarations are accurate in DegreeWorks. If you need to update any aspect of your declarations, it must be done BEFORE you apply to graduate. Please contact the Office of the Registrar to make the necessary changes. 
  2. Complete the online graduation application by the Friday before Thanksgiving. The Office of the Registrar will send an email to all students eligible to complete the application when it is available through myWofford. Students that do not apply to graduate will not receive a diploma in May.
  3. Review your degree audit regularly. Check DegreeWorks if you make any changes to your class schedule or your major/minor. Before you ‘WP’ a course, make sure you do not need it to meet the 124 total hours or another graduation requirement. If you repeat a course that you passed the first time, you will not be able to count those hours again. Verify that the credit hours from the repeated course are only added into your total hour calculation once.
  4. Understand what 98% means. Typically, if you are registered for everything you need in order to graduate, your degree progress bar in DegreeWorks will be at 98%. Your audit will not display 100% until you have successfully completed all requirements and final grades have been submitted.
  5. Monitor your major and cumulative GPA. You must earn a 2.00 in BOTH your major and cumulative GPA in order to graduate. Know what grades you need to earn before the semester starts. 
  6. Participate in Senior Salute. Senior Salute is held each spring and provides you with a one stop shop to order your invitations and class ring, be measured for your regalia, record your name to ensure correct pronunciation at Commencement, and connect you to Wofford’s Young Alumni Association. 
  7. Request your transcript early and online through myWofford. All end of term processing for the spring semester will be completed on the Tuesday after graduation. By Wednesday the Office of the Registrar will begin processing transcript requests for graduates.
  8. Check your Wofford email. Any issues surrounding graduation, reminders, deadlines, updates, etc. will be sent to you via your Wofford email from
For information for students about Commencement Weekend see the Student Information- Commencement Weekend page. For parent/family information visit the Parent/Family Information- Commencement Weekend page.