Students studying outside the library

Parking for Commencement Weekend

Parking for guests will be available in all campus lots except the Admission lot and on the horseshoe-shaped drive behind Main Building. The Admission lot is reserved for the special guests of the president and handicapped guests. The horseshoe is also reserved for handicapped guests. Marshals with carts will be available to assist guests in these lots. Campus Drive will be blocked off on Friday morning so that the grounds can be set up for services on Saturday and Sunday. Because of this, entrance to the lots in front of and behind Marsh can only be gained off of Memorial Drive. All of the other lots can be accessed off of Evins and Cumming Streets. Since there will be events at the Memorial Auditorium all weekend this year, no parking will be available for our guests except for the 77 spaces adjacent to the fraternity row area. These are marked by signs. Please do not park anywhere else in the auditorium lot as they will tow unauthorized vehicles. If there are any questions about parking for Commencement Weekend, call Randy Hall at 864-597-4351.