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Program in Classical Civilizations

Kathryn H. Milne, Coordinator

The program in Classical Civilizations allows students to investigate Greek and Roman cultures and their social, political, historical, artistic and intellectual legacy. The program encourages the study of classical antiquity through the offerings of several departments and thus from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Contributing Faculty
Dr. Christine Dinkins (Philosophy), Dr. Mark Ferguson (Theater), Dr. Karen Goodchild (Art History), Dr. Rob Jeffrey (Government), Dr. Charley Kay (Philosophy), Dr. Byron McCane (Religion), Dr. Kathryn Milne (History), Dr. Tim Schmitz (History).

Program Requirements

The program in Classical Civilizations is not a major. Courses applied toward requirements for Classical Civilizations may be counted also toward requirements they satisfy in other programs, majors or minors. Successful completion of the program will be noted on the transcript.

Classical Language study is not required in the Classical Civilizations program. However, students may apply two courses, for a maximum of 6 credit hours, for coursework in Latin (or another classical language) to fulfill program requirements.

Courses are divided into two groups to ensure students take a breadth of courses engaging different traditions and methods of inquiry. Students take two (2) courses each in groups A and B, and two (2) additional courses for a total of six (6) courses to satisfy requirements in the program.

No more than three classes from a single department may be counted toward completion of the Classical Studies Program without the permission of the Program Coordinator.

Group A:

Classical Art and Literature

ARTH 201: Survey of the History of Western Art
ARTH 301: Ancient and Classical Art
LATN 101: Elementary Latin I
LATN 102: Elementary Latin II
LATN 201: Latin Prose
THEA 360: Greek and Roman Drama

Classical Religion and Philosophy

PHIL 351: Ancient Western Philosophy
PHIL 358: Ancient Cosmology & Worldview
REL 202: The New Testament
REL 301: The Historical Jesus
REL 302: In Search of Paul
REL 310: Lost Christianities
REL 315: Archaeology and the Bible

Group B:

Classical History and Government
GOV 391: Classical Political Thought
HIST 330: Rome in the Late Republic
HIST 331: Periclean Athens
HIST 332: The Early History of Rome
HIST 333: The World of Alexander the Great
HIST 334: The Roman Empire
HIST 335: Warfare in the Ancient World
HIST 340: The Early and High Middle Ages

Special Topics Courses and other pertinent courses may be approved at the discretion of the program coordinator.

Students completing the program in Classical Civilizations are encouraged, but not required, to study abroad with one of the many programs offering coursework and travel opportunities related to the classical past.

Courses completed during a semester abroad may meet requirements for the program in Classical Civilizations at the discretion of the Program Coordinator.