Dr. Hill and students

Center for Innovation and Learning

Innovations in Teaching and Learning 

Wofford is before all else an institution of higher learning that defines itself through excellence in teaching and student learning. The Center will highlight teaching with a focus on innovation in pedagogical practice, whether it is technology-based or not. Two programs will focus especially on innovation in teaching.

The Center will approach technology as an enhancement and aid to teaching. We will inform colleagues of the latest in technological hardware and software and provide sustained instruction, tutorials, and workshops that present useful application of new resources. We will endeavor to furnish those resources that faculty need in order to implement their innovative experiments.

Tools and Toys 

The Center works with faculty who want to incorporate technology into their courses and teaching. Our established Tools and Toys lunches, built around faculty experimentation (successful and otherwise) with the latest in the application of technology to teaching and learning will continue with six presentations, three in the fall and three in the spring of the academic year.

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The Pedagogy Series 

The Center for Innovation and Learning will host discussions, round tables, and talks about teaching at Wofford. We invite interested faculty to join in our discussions about teaching and to attend the events in our Pedagogy Series. The Center offers two events each semester that focus on the art and craft of successful teaching. Our speakers will come from our own ranks as well as from other colleges and universities with which we collaborate. 

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