Dr. Hill and students

Teaching with Film- Dr. Joseph Spivey

The capstone for my Interim project “Game On: An In-Depth Study of Video Games” was a video review of a video game. Students broke into groups and each group played a video game during January. Each group prepared a 10-minute video that featured gameplay footage and some discussion of what worked and what did not work in the video game. The goals for this final project were for students to apply broad game concepts covered in class to particular video games, to critically analyze a video game as a whole, and to learn to use technology to create a dynamic video. In the process, students had to think about what aspects of a video game are important (and which are not), and about how different pieces of a video game affect the player experience. They also had to collaborate with their peers on a big project and come to agreement about the best and worst aspects of the game their group played.

The students were very engaged in the projects, and the video reviews were quite polished as a result. Classroom discussions were enhanced since students became experts on the games they were reviewing and could give concrete examples of the abstract concepts we talked about in class. All in all, I’d say the projects were successful since students collaborated very closely, had fun with the project, learned something, and came away from the class with a final product.