Students studying outside the library

 CIL & IES Faculty Exchange Initiative Requirements and Application process:


During the exchange, the selected Wofford faculty members will be required to propose and present a master class or lecture on an academic topic relating to his or her area of expertise at Wofford and which is of benefit to IES Abroad students. The Wofford faculty member will also visit two (2) IES Abroad classes and provide an informal talk to IES Abroad students on a topic of mutual interest and benefit to the IES Abroad students. The Wofford faculty member will also facilitate a workshop on the use of educational technology with IES Abroad faculty. In addition to these activities, the Wofford faculty member may engage in research or academic activities of interest to the faculty member.

IES will make its facilities available to the Wofford faculty member to the extent possible and providing the faculty member does not interrupt the academic calendar or activities of the IES Abroad study center in question.


If you wish to be considered for this Exchange program, please send the following to Dr. Dennis M. Wiseman, Center for Innovation and Learning. Please remember that all exchanges must be completed on or before December 1, 2012. Application materials include:

1. A letter of intent indicating a) the IES sites that are of special interest to you, b) the potential dates of your Exchange visit, c) potential topics for your master class or lecture, d) potential topics for your informal talks with IES Abroad students, and e) a brief description of how you use Moodle to enhance your course administration, your teaching strategies, and student learning outcomes.
2. An updated CV, a photograph, and a brief personal biographical sketch.

The Application deadline for the CIL/IES Faculty Exchange Initiative is October 25, 2011

The selection team will recommend five (5) individuals as well as the IES abroad site most appropriate for the faculty member. IES Abroad must review and approve these selections. Both institutions will work collaboratively to set the faculty exchanges without impact to the IES Abroad and / or Wofford academic calendars.