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The Coleman B. Waller Chemistry Department Senior Award

Coleman B. Waller

Dr. Waller came to Wofford in the late 1880s and graduated in 1892.  After teaching for a year, he went to graduate school at Vanderbilt University.  He taught at Vanderbilt while working on his Ph.D., which he completed in 1903.  After earning his Ph.D., he returned to teach at Wofford and was elected to chair the sciences.  He took a year's sabbatical to pursue studies in biology at John Hopkins University.  Dr. Waller taught both biology and chemistry.

Dr. Waller was elected to the Spartanburg City Council, a member of the city's board of health, a consultant to the city water works on bacteriology and chemistry.  He built his own home on campus in 1911 which in 1942 became the President's house.  Dr. Waller retired in 1947, but continued to teach at Spartanburg Methodist College until his death in 1957. His motto, which he is remembered by is:

"Brighten the corner where you are"

Each year, the Chemistry faculty nominate one or two seniors who have excelled in their Chemistry coursework and  their liberal arts education as well being an active member of the Wofford Community.

1993 – Jay Edward Harris
1994 – Jeffrey Myron Venables
1995 – Michelle Diane Phillips
1996 – Cheryl Denise Keel-Eidel and Maheshkumar Vitthalbhai Patel
1997 – Robert Johnson Morgan
1998 – Scot Heath Jones and Manoj Pariyadath
1999 – Wenjie Sun
2000 – Henry Grady Adkins III
2001 – Nicole Theresa Biglin
2002 – Catherine Breakfield Baker
2003 – Leslie Karen Hembree
2004 – Evelyn King
2005 – Alexander Hray
2006 – Caleb Jefferson Farmer
2007 – Christopher John Gillam
2008 – Amanda Blane Doody
2009 – Robert Joseph Harris
2010 – George Russell Glenn and Manan Gupta
2011 – Mitchell Lee Worley
2012 – Paolo Miguel Arce
2013 – Sharon Leigh Guffy
2014 - Gregory Pullen
2015 - Emily Bacher and Brittnee Hill
2016 - Shawna Blankenship 
2017 - Matthew Howell and David Marvin