Recent Graduates

2016 Graduates

Allsbrook, Sydney
Daniel Altman
Shawna Blankenship
Riddick Blocker -medical school Medical University of South Carolina
Logan Christian
Ryan Doyle
Nathan Gilreath
Maria Kapousidis
Zachary Korkowski
James Montgomery
Krishna Patel - pursuing a graduate degree at the University of Florida
Catherine Roberts
David Sanders
Austin Seilkop
Kaitlin Shealy
Solonge Umuguaneza
William Wolfe 

2015 Graduates

Emily Bacher - pursuing a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Notre Dame.
Jordan Beaver - pursuing Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis in Agriculture & Environmental Chemistry.
Meredith Chapman
Nicolas Dawson
Kiersten Ellsworth
Rakiya Faulkner
Jon Nick Gault
Aristide Gumyusenge
Brittnee  Hill - employed with SLED
Pauline Howell - pursuing Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Georgia.
Bradley Lara
Anthony Le
William Ledford
Katheryn Light - Data Analyst at Advance America, plans to apply to Medical School.
Taylor Mosteller
Neelam Mulji -attending Medical University of South Carolina.
Barry Mayfield Reynolds
Grant Schoonmaker
Ansley Smith
Kenai Walker
Dwight Williams
Adam Wirth
Zach Woolever
Flora Yazigi
Haiwen Zhang

2014 Graduates

Maggie Bosley
Hannah Comstock
Shenequa Daniels
Nicholas Hewson
Paul Inclan
Courtney King
Evelyn Maris
David Moore
Jan Patton
Gregory Pullen
Deep Sangani
Holly Tobias
Megan Wang
Alex Wilson
Chase Wolfe

2013 Graduates

Joseph Craft
Shenequa Daniels
Tony Ditolla
Andrew Dreenen
Jake Emanuel
Sharon Guffy
Shelbey Holmes
Benjamin Holt
Lamar Hunter
Emmanuel Lakis
Anna Le
Cares Manzi
Katie Milton
Charles Moore
David Moore
Abgelique Nyinawabera
Timothy Oxley
Jose Reyes
Emily Shaw
Scott Stockholm
Brittany Walker
Jennifer Welter
Rebecca Willis
Alex Wilson

2012 Graduates

Paolo Arce
McKenzie Cannon
Andrew Drennan
Kristina Dukes
Monroe Griffin
Josh Gross
Alex Love
Maggie O'Brien
Jaynorris Thomas
Allison Tolbert
Kaitlin Watkins
Tyler Womble 

2011 Graduates

  • Jordan Beavers
  • Lauren Brown just recently joined the work force at Milliken
  • Kristin Demosthenes
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Emily Francis
  • Lev Garing
  • Ryan Gill
  • Brett Henderson was accepted to MUSC in the field of dentistry
  • Devika Kumar was accepted to MUSC Pharmacy school
  • Daniel Mackey is planning to apply to medical school for 2012
  • Derek McElveen was accepted to MUSC Pharmacy school
  • Detrick Moore is continuing with his military career with active duty (Chemical Corps)
  • Durning Moore was accepted to the University of Louisville in the field of dentistry
  • Kelli Rush was accepted into the Ph.D for Chemistry program at Miami University of Ohio
  • Courtney Shippy was accepted into the accelerated nursing BSN track at Winston Salem State University
  • Emily Uldrick was accepted at MUSC's Pharmacy school
  • Mitch Worley graduated with honors! He received the Fullerton Medical Scholarship to Wake Forest Medical School (this is a Wofford 1st)


2010 Graduates

  • Kelsey Carter is planning on continuing her education in the area of neonatal nursing
  • Ben Dunlap has been accepted to MUSC in the field of dentistry
  • Russell Glenn has been accepted at MUSC in the field of medicine. Russell, along with Manan, was the 2010 recipient of the Coleman B. Waller award in Chemistry.
  • Manan Gupta will be continuing his education. Manan, along with Russell, was the 2010 recipient of the Coleman B. Waller award in Chemistry.
  • Lacie Hyatt has accepted a position at Infiniti Laboratories 
  • Ryan Linton has been accepted at MUSC in the pharmacy program
  • Laura Macaulay will further her education at Duke University in the filed of Integrated Toxicology & Environmental Health
  • RJ Plumley is employed at Milliken
  • Jordan Rawl has donated a beautiful painting she created to the Chemistry department. She will be attending MUSC in the field of medicine
  • Cassie Rex is seeking employment as a research assistant and planning on furthering her education
  • Elijah (Trey) Robinson was accepted at many medical schools, choosing Wake Forest
  • Joanna Suddath was accepted to a Masters of Science in Health Informatics program at Northeastern University in Boston.
  • Bailey Young is seeking employment and applying to medical and graduate school


2009 Graduates

  • Emily Acker is interested in Pharmacy College of South Carolina, and working in medical testing.
  • Achini Bandara is attending Purdue University in Bio organic chemistry.
  • Ryon Hamilton plans to attend graduate school in organic chemistry.
  • Robert Harris will be attending Duke University in Organic Synthesis.
  • Peyton Hray was interested in the Coast Guard and Theatre.
  • Brent Johnson plans to attend University of Louisville in Dentistry.
  • Judith Kristin Kountz is interested in attending either John Hopkins or Duke in Nursing.
  • Cassie Pavy is working in chemical developement for Roche Pharma.
  • David Phillips plans to attend Georgia Tech in Physical Chemistry.
  • Stacey Turner worked as TA over the summer. In Fall 09 she will attend Duke University in Organic/Medicinal.


2008 Graduates

  • Judson Craft accepted a summer TA position in Organic Chemistry and plans to attend Medical School.
  • Amanda Doody will be attending Vanderbilt University graduate school majoring in Organic Chemistry.
  • Matt Flood plans to attend Western-Carolina graduate school.
  • Sarah Goolsby has been traveling abroad and plans to attend Medical School. As of April 09 she is working at an ENT's office in Atlanta and substitute teaching. She was accepted at several gradute schools and planning on attending MCG.
  • Alexa Janulis will be attending USC Pharmacy School.
  • Kelly Jones is entering the work force and plans to pursue Medical School in NC.
  • Albert Kennedy will be attending Tufts University graduate school majoring in BioChem.
  • Michael Lance will be attending USC Pharmacy School.
  • Dayvia Laws plans to attend USC Medical School majoring in BioChem.
  • Keith Munns plans to enter the work force and pursue Graduate School options.
  • Daniel Washburn plans to enter the work force and pursue Graduate School options.


2006 Graduates

  • Michael Bennett is attending graduate school at Clemson University.
  • Henry Walker Bruce is a high school Chemistry teacher at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, SC.
  • Kelsey Duggan is attending graduate school in Vanderbilt in the Bio Medical Department PhD. Program.
  • Caleb Farmer is attending Law School at the University of North Carolina.
  • Lacey Danielle Hilliard is working for Miliken and Company.
  • Jason Holliday is in the University of South Carolina studying in the Biochemistry Department.
  • Thomas Joshua Kerr is attending graduate school at Vanderbilt and is enrolled in the PhD. Program in Chemistry
  • James William Wood is working for Miliken and Company.


2005 Graduates

  • Vanessa Bowlin is attending graduate school.
  • Benjamin Harlan is attending the University of South Carolina Graduate School.
  • Alexander Hray is attending Medical School.
  • Lindsay Knox is attending Pharmacy School.
  • Michelle Melton is working for Miliken and Company.
  • Kristin Zollinger is attending graduate school at Gardner Webb.


2004 Graduates

  • Kristin Addis is attending USC Medical School.
  • Jennifer Clyburn attends Dental School at MUSC.
  • Kathryn Dail is at USC Dental School.
  • Mary Egbuniwe is attending University Medical & Dental of N.J., working on a masters in Biomedical Science. She published a paper in the Fall of 2004, in the SC Academy of Science Journal. Entitled:
    Building New Culture Media for Assisted Reproductive Technology.
  • Brittnee Jones is working toward a Ph.D. in Genetic Research at the University of California, San Francisco.
  • Evelyn King is employed at Milliken, Inc. in the chemical department.
  • Andrew Stachiw joined the Peace Corp for 2005-2006. In Spring 2009, Andrew was a adjunct lecturer at Wofford.
  • Nick Wallace is attending Medical School.
  • Ashleigh Wright is attending graduate school at North Carolina A & T State University.


2003 Graduates

  • Chris Bennett – Teaching high school at Woodruff High School.
  • Molly Bushong – Will enter Pharmacy School at MUSC in Fall 2005
  • Prosser Carnegie –Attending University of Georgia in Engineering.
  • Karen Hembree – Attending MUSC Pharmacy School
  • Daniel Pearson – Attending Clemson in Engineering
  • Deanna Whitley is married and had planned to do an outreach program for one year and then to enter a nursing program.


2002 Graduates

  • Catie Baker married Russell Swift who also graduated from Wofford. Catie is in medical school at USC.
  • Kristine Banks is attending Medical College in Ohio.
  • Matt Barnwell is a process chemist at Milliken, Inc.
  • Brianne Dunn is attending Pharmacy School at MUSC.
  • Joel Key is attending MUSC Pharmacy School. Joel married Joanna Ramsey who was a psychology major from Wofford.
  • Laura Key Worked for Wikoff Color an ink manufacture for awhile where she developed a grease resistant coating that covered doughnut and chicken nugget boxes. Laura now works for DOC Machine Tool Services where she is their account manager.
  • Lee Ritter is attending graduate school at Western Carolina.
  • Danny Slade is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School in the Division of Infectious Disease.March of 08 - Daniel got married and moved to Boston! He and his wife hope to move back South to start a family. 
  • Margaret Medlin is attending MUSC Pharmacy School.
  • Charlie Moore is employed and plans to enter Dental School.
  • Ross Vereen is employed at Surfside Beach, SC and is preparing to enter graduate studies.


2001 Graduates

  • Stephanie Angelo is a Development Chemist with Milliken Research in Spartanburg.  
  • Heidi Best is in  medical school in at The University of South Carolina..
  • Nichole Biglin is in law school at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa  This summer she will be working with Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough in Greenville, SC.  
  • Eric Lanford is currently employed with Perrigo of South Carolina, a manufacturer of vitamins and nutritional supplements, in the Quality control lab. 
  • Amy Ledford is an Analyst for General Engineering Laboratories, Inc. in Charleston, SC.  Her primary responsibility is to perform testing  for Diesel Range Organics in soil and water samples for several different states.  
  • Katie Ritter is currently working on a graduate degree in Biochemistry at Washington State University under the direction of Dr. Zhou.  
  • Keith Schiff is in medical school at Medical University of South Carolina.  He will spend the summer of 2002 as a teaching assistant for gross anatomy .  


2000 Graduates

  • Grady Adkins is in medical school at Medical University of South Carolina.
  • Cameron Craft (Grooms) is finishing her MS in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Georgia.  She is currently interviewing for a crime lab scientist in the toxicology division of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  
  • Jason Roe has been with the Milliken Company since graduation.  He started at the Dewey Plant in Inman, SC and is now a Process Engineer over the Polymer Extrusion line at the White Stone Plant. 
  • Michael Stone is in medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina
  • Stacie Wright is working on her MA in English at the University of Georgia and is considering getting the Ph.D. in English Literature.  Her specialty is Multicultural Literature.   


1999 Graduates

  • Amanda Davis is working towards her Masters in Secondary Science Education  at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  She also teaches chemistry at Farragut High School in Knoxville. 
  • Bindi Gandhi recently finished work as an ORISE Asthma Research Fellow in the Division of Adolescent and School health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia. Now she is doing a service fellowship in India with Indicorps.
  • Michelle Hadley (Burke) is an Account Manager with the Scientific Division of the Yoh Company in Chicago.  She is responsible for finding lab Techs and Chemists for pharmaceutical and chemical  companies in the Chicago, Northern Indiana, and Wisconsin area. Currently she is working on her MBA from North Central College in Naperville.
  • Meredith Knox worked at a forensics laboratory in Charleston for three years before deciding to return to school.  She is currently enrolled in the Pharm.D. program at the Medical University of South Carolina.
  • J. Brian Leapard is completing work on his MS degree at the University of Georgia under Dr Richard A. Dluhy.  Brian's work centers around interfacial spectroscopy / biophysics of pulmonary surfactants. 
  • Kristie McGraw is enrolled in pharmacy school at Medical University of South Carolina.  
  • Manoj Pariyadath is finishing his MD at Medical the University of South Carolina.  His will begin a residency in emergency medicine at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, N.C. in late June of 2002.
  • Jeremy Parris is a medical student at Emory University.  Upon completion of his third year of medical school he plans to do a year of research at the National Institute of Health.   
  • Wenjie Sun is currently a medical student at the University of South Carolina.  


1998 Graduates

  • Sloan Burch finished her Pharm. D. at the University of South Carolina.  Sloan is a clinical pharmacist in the ICU at Palmetto health Richland in Columbia.  In July, 2002 she will begin a residency in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  • Alfred Forbes is a candidate for the Ph.D. (Spring of 2004) at Clemson University.  Alfred is studying High Temperature and High Pressure Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphates, Vanadates and Oxides   under the direction of Dr Kolis. 
  • Isabel Ghowanlu graduated from the College of Dental Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in May of 2002.  She has returned to the Upstate and and is  practicing in the Greenville area.  
  • LaShadrick Grady currently holds the position of Scientist in the Polymer Synthesis group with Physical Sciences Inc. in Andover, MA. He's also the proud papa of two beautiful girls. 
  • Michel Hoenig attended medical school at Emory University and will be starting his residency in Orthopaedic surgery at Northwestern University in Chicago.
  • Beth Lindsay finished her Pharm. D. at the Medical University of South Carolina in 2002.  In July of 2002 she will begin work for the Indian Health Service as an outpatient clinical pharmacist in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Allison Nieders (Farence) completed the Pharm.D.  from the Medical University of South Carolina in May of 2002.  She currently serves as a clinical pharmacist position at Beaufort Memorial Hospital where she assists physicians with dosing and selection of medications for patients (among many other responsibilities). 
  • Chris Ollinger finished his MS at North Carolina State University in 2000 and has been employed at Lubrizol with their local subsidiary Gateway Additive Company in Spartanburg.
  • Tina Patel is currently working for NIH. After graduation she performed rotations in the pharmacy program at the Medical University of South Carolina, and obtained her Ph. D.
  • Matt Thompson completed his MS degree at the University of Maryland in 2000 and is a Staff Associate in the Office of Professional Training at the American Chemical Society. In November of 09, Matt was applying for a new position with the FBI.
  • David Wilcox is an Associate Scientist - Team Leader with  GlaxoSmithKline in Research Triangle Park, NC working on the development of inhaled medicines.  He is married  to Dawn King, Class of '98. 


1997 Graduates

  • Rueban Garrow has worked for Milliken since graduation.  he started in the in the Cypress Plant and currently holds the position of Senior Production Manager at the Dewey Plant in Inman, SC.  
  • Jeff Harris completed his M.S. in Organic Chemistry at Clemson University in December of 2000 and is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry also at Clemson.  
  • Bobby Morgan is in medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina  and is currently leaning towards Orthopedics or Plastic Surgery as a career.  
  • Amanda W. O'Neal (Walton) attended graduate school at Michigan State University and currently is a manager and financial advisor with American Express Financial Advisors.
  • Delton Vereen finished his M.S. in chemistry at Western Carolina University in 2000 doing research in analytical / environmental chemistry.  He has worked with  Milliken since and is currently a Production manager at the Cypress Plant working on polymeric colorants.


1996 Graduates

  • Ashley Harris is a Lieutenant in the Forensics Division of Spartanburg County's Sheriff Department. He also teaches in the Chemistry Department at Wofford College.  
  • Bob Martin is finishing graduate school in the Chemistry Department at Clemson University in bio-organic, fluoro-organic chemistry.  
  • Monty Mayo works for the Cemex Corporation in Perry, Georgia.  His primary function is as an engineer in the Operations Department, but he also is the Interim Quality Control Manager.   


1995 Graduates

  • Natalie Banks (Burson) finished her M.S. in chemistry from Washington State University in 1998 and her MBA in 1999 (also from WSU).  She was a Quality Assurance Specialist for the Pharmacia Corporation until August when she became a Quality Assurance Specialist with her new son, Brian.
  • Michelle Hudspeth (Phillips) finished her MD at the Medical University of South Carolina in 1999.  She will complete her pediatric residency at Johns Hopkins on June 30, 2002 and will begin a fellowship in pediatric hematology / oncology in a combined program between Johns Hopkins and the National Cancer Institute at NIH.  
  • Bryan Splawn completed his MS (1999) and his Ph.D. (2002) in Analytical Chemistry at Purdue University.  Bryan  accepted a Post-Doctoral position in the Chemical Technology Division of Argonne National Labs. Dr. Splawn is now an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Wofford College.
  • Brian Taylor currently lives in Columbia, SC and works for L.T.C. Associates, Inc, and architectural firm. He is involved with the City of Cayce Zoning Board, the South Carolina Economic Development Association, Citizens for Better School, and just about anything else you can think of in the Columbia area.    


1994 Graduates

  • Jeff Venables is currently living in Rock Hill, SC.  Jeff has taught chemistry at Northwestern High School since 1995.  In 2003 he developed a program in forensic science and teaches a course in that program as well.   


1993 Graduates

  • Jay Harris finished his MS in Analytical Chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1996 and his MS in computer Science from Clemson University in 2001.  He is currently a Systems II Programmer for Clemson University.   


1988 Graduates

  • Dr. Jameica Byers Hill completed her PhD at Clemson University in 1993 and became  an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Wofford College.  In 2007 Dr. Hill was named Department Chair of Chemistry. 


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