Resume Types

Regardless of the resume type you choose, limit it to no more than 2 pages.

  • Most widely used format.
  • Displays your professional and academic experience in reverse chronological order.
  • Effective if you are continuing on the same career path or if your background substantially relates to your next career objective. Shows steady or significant growth and development.
  • Include no more than 10-15 years of experience even if you have an extensive work history.
  • Used when previous professional experience is more relevant than current experience.
  • Focused less on employers and specific dates.
  • Highlights accomplishments achieved first so the reader focuses on results rather than gaps or number of positions held.
  • A purely functional resume is not recommended as it may trigger suspicion about what you are trying to hide (i.e. age, terminations, extended gaps in employment, job hopping, etc.)¬†
Combination or Hybrid (Functional within Chronological)
  • Becoming more popular, this style includes an introductory section on qualifications or skills followed by experience listed chronologically.
  • Valuable for professionals making substantial career changes and who want to highlight ability to perform a different job.
  • Useful for highlighting specific functional expertise.
Electronic Resumes
  • For online job postings, you may have to copy-and-paste your resume into an employer's form. Special formatting, such as bold or bullets, may be lost in the process. We recommend that you develop a version of your resume that is concise and free of special formatting.
  • Employers are increasingly accepting resumes by email. In some cases, you may have to send your resume as a plain text file or as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf file) to preserve formatting. attachment.
  • We recommend creating a LinkedIn profile that includes a photo and a version of your resume. Many employers are beginning to recruit via this increasingly popular professional networking site, with some employment analysts predicting all hiring may one day be done via LinkedIn. While you're at it, join the Wofford Alumni Network on LinkedIn and find connections that may help you in your career search.