Accomplishments Memory Jogger

Have you:

  • Accomplished more with the same or fewer resources? (How? Results?)
  • Received awards, special recognitions, etc. (What? Why?)
  • Increased efficiency? (How? Results?)
  • Solved difficult problems? (How? Results?)
  • Accomplished something for the first time? (What? Results?)
  • Developed, created, designed, or invented something? (What? Why important?)
  • Prepared original papers, reports, and articles? (What? Why important?)
  • Managed a work group, a department? (Who? How many? Results?)
  • Saved the company money? (How? How much?)
  • Supervised, managed or trained employees? (Where? How many? Results?)
  • Increased sales? (How? By how much?)
  • Been promoted or upgraded? (When? Why important?)
  • Increased production? (How? Results?)
  • Been promoted or upgraded (When? Why important?)
  • Increased production? (How? Results?)
  • Identified problems others did not see? (What? Result?)
  • Developed a new system or procedure: (What? Result?)
  • Reduced downtime? (How? How much? Result?)
  • Managed a budget? (How much? Result?)
Source: Marketing Your Talents, Right Management, 2006