Student looking outside of window in Phase 5

Wofford Athletics and Recreation Committee

The Wofford Athletics and Recreation Committee is a group of students that have come together to support the numerous athletes of Wofford College. The goal is simple: increase the attendance and support of Wofford College’s athletic programs, including the non-traditional sports that usually receive a minimal amount of student support. The committee coordinates, sponsors, and funds events and promotions to encourage students to come to games and make athletics a daily part of the college-life routine.

2012 - 2013 WAR Committee Members:

Tyrell Jemison (Committee Chair)
Erin Simmonds
Mary Lewis Griffin
Shelly Strickland
Jervey Roper
Reed Mulbury
Thomas Hildebrand
Cleburne Fant
Stephanie Lane
Meagan Laframboise
Kathleen Woods
Brian Meckler