Senior Awards Nomination

The Student Affairs Committee of the College, chaired by Prof. Dan Day, accepts nominations at any time for the College’s awards that are given to seniors each spring during our annual Honors Convocation and the Commencement Ceremony. To nominate someone, first, read the description of the awards listed below. Then write a paragraph of 50-250 words explaining why you are nominating this individual for this specific award. Please contact Dean Roberta Bigger at ext. 4044 or if you have any questions. Thank you.

Nominations for the Class of 2016 are due by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 18th.

  • The Rivers Award is presented to the member of the graduating class who most exemplifies the character traits of integrity, virtue, and gentleness.
  • The William James McLeod Award is given to the student who has demonstrated selfless service to the church, the state, the nation, and Wofford College.
  • The American Legion Award is given to one male student and one female who have demonstrated courage, leadership, honor, scholarship, and service.
  • The Outstanding Citizen Award is given to the senior who has shown the greatest concern for, and service to, the general improvement of the College.
  • The Wofford College Leadership Awards are given to the top twelve seniors who have excelled in scholarship, leadership, campus citizenship and service to the college or the community. This award replaces the Who’s Who recognition formerly given by the college. More than one senior will be recognized with this award.
  • The Sullivan Awards are given to one male and one female student and to one male and one female non-student person; the recipients are to have the characteristics of mind and conduct that show a spirit of love and helpfulness to others. The awards are made in recognition of these fine spiritual qualities and their practical application to daily living, as distinct from high scholarship, athletic achievement, success in business, leadership, or more worldly prominence in any calling.
  • The Eric Marshall Legacy Award is an award given to a senior student of color who emulates Eric Marshall's legacy by demonstrating: noble leadership, sincerity, a pure servant’s heart, trustworthiness, honesty, citizenship and love for humankind. It requires a separate nomination form which can be found here.

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