Students eating at a table outside of Zach's

Officers and Delegates
2017-2018 Campus Union Assembly 

Cabinet Officers

Drake McCormick - President
Drake McCormick
 Will Randall - VP
Vice President
Will Randall
 Bali Channa - Secretary
Bali Channa
Trey Williams Treasurer
Trey Williams

Senior Delegates (Class of 2018)

Jake Brice 2018
Jake Brice
Margaret Lang 2018
Margaret Lang
Matt Martin
Matt Martin
Chie M 2018
Chie Mushyamunda
Brendan Paschal 2018
Brendan Paschal
 Jonathan Rhyne Delegate
Jonathan Rhyne

Junior Delegates
(Class of 2019)

Omar Elmore 2018
Omar Elmore
Katie Jarrett 2018
Katie Jarrett
Grant Page 2018
Grant Page

Matt Reynolds
Carter Rief 2018
Carter Rief

Jonathan Tokay

Sophomore Delegates 
(Class of 2020)

Zainab Bhagat - 2018
Zainab Bhagat
Alec Konrad 2018
Alec Konrad
Luke Lovell 2018
Luke Lovell
Fredy Madrid 2018 
Fredy Madrid
Braden Tuttle 2018
Braden Tuttle
Curneisha Williams 2018
Curneisha Williams

Freshmen Delegates 
(Class of 2021)

Coleman Bryant
Coleman Bryant
Matt Dubach
Matt Dubach
Ranna Harley
Ranna Harley
Jurnee Jones
Jurnee Jones
Blake Kirsch
Blake Kirsch
Margaret Roach 
Margaret Roach

At-Large Delegates

Drew Copeland 2018
Drew Copeland
Joe H 2018
Joe Harbacevich
Lindsay Pindar 2018
Lindsay Pindar
Victoria Nwankudu At Large
Victoria Nwankudu 

 George Smiling
Chaplain George Smiling
Jack Sullivan 2018
Jack Sullivan
John Patterson 
John Patterson
Bailey Wise 2018
Bailey Wise

Senior Class Officers and Committee Chairs

Senior Class President

Senior Class Vice President

Senior Class Treasurer

Senior Class Secretary
Trey Williams 2018
Trey Williams
Financial Affairs Chair
Elizabeth Beecy 2018
Elizabeth Beecy
Campus Relations, Chair
Mary Margaret Holden 2018
Mary Margaret Holden
Wofford Activities Council, Chair

Carter Atchison
Facility Affairs, Chair
 Rik Ujaan
Rick Ujaan
Olivia Vasquez 2018
Olivia Vasquez
Judicial Commission, Chair
Mary Helen Garrett
 Mary Helen Garrett
Jake Brice 2018
Jake Brice
Wofford Athletics and Recreation, Chair

Henry Cornelson
Henry Cornelson
Scott Hiler