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 Wofford Athletics and Recreation Committee WAR  

WAR is a group of students that have come together to support the athletes of Wofford College. Our goal is simple: increase the attendance and support of Wofford College’s athletic programs. However, the means by achieving our goal is more complicated. The committee coordinates, sponsors, and funds events and promotions to encourage students to come to games and make athletics a daily part of the college-life routine. We, the committee, encourage all students to attend as many athletic contests as possible to show support for your fellow Terriers.

Committee members 


Chair: Tyrell Jemison Co-chair: Joe Takesuye ‘10  
Colleen Rice ‘09

Tyler Cook ‘08

Brittany Thompson ‘09
Shelly McLaughlin ‘10

Kate Dempsey ‘09

Robynn Mackechnie ‘08
Sahaj Patel ‘10 Austin Fitch ‘09 King Cutter '08

For more information contact Tyrell Jemison by email at jemisonwt@email.wofford.edu