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Financial Affairs Committee 


Financial Affairs Committee analyzes and reports the financial position of the Campus Union Assembly. The members are primarily responsible for hearing and making recommendations on all proposals pertinent to the allocation of Campus Union funds to chartered organizations on campus and various projects. Other responsibilities include reviewing budgets and occasionally submitting proposed budgets to the Board of Trustees.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring allocation applications are due November 9th, 2012 by 5:00 pm. Forms are available here and should be filled out electronically and emailed to Shri Selvakumar at selvakumars@email.wofford.edu.
  • Allocation interviews will take place on November 14th and 15th from 6-8 pm in the Student Affairs conference room.

Important Links

Financial Affairs Handbook
Wofford College Business Office (various forms including expense reports, cash advance forms, missing receipt forms, and check requests)
How to acquire funds for your organization

Example Allocation Form
Allocation Submission Form
Make a General Proposal

Committee Members

  • Shri Selvakumar - Chair, selvakumars@email.wofford.edu 
  • Lacey Jones
  • Mary Schronce     
  • Marc Ramirez
  • Jerome Min
  • Greyson Mann
  • Hayes Lanford
  • Stuart Lee

2011-2012 Budget: 

Assembly Recognition $2,000.00
Athletic and Recreation (WAR) $3,500.00
Campus Relations Committee (CRC) $2,000.00
Facilities Affairs Committee (FAC) $2,500.00
Financial Affairs Committee $150.00
Discount Cards $100.00
Miscellaneous $350.00
Office Expenses $500.00
Salaries $7,800.00
Sympathy Gifts $600.00
Student Recognition $500.00
Fall Allocations $10,000.00
Fall Proposals $12,000.00
Spring Allocations $10,000.00
Spring Proposals $13,000.00
Total $65,000.00