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Student Organization Allocation Application

Dear Wofford Students, 

Campus Union and the Financial Affairs Committee are here to help your organization grow.  We want Wofford to be a place that is beneficial to all students and our wide variety of student organizations is the best way to accomplish this.  Our funding helps new organizations get started and established organizations continue making Wofford a better place.  Funding can be used toward events, projects, or trips as seen fit by Financial Affairs and Campus Union.  

There are two ways to receive funds from Campus Union.

1)  Organizations or individuals can make a general proposal to Campus Union.  These can be submitted at any point during the year.  An outline of a proposal in on the Campus Union website.  Contact a delegate to sponsor your proposal to the Assembly.  These must be submitted by 5 PM Friday to be on the agenda for Monday’s meeting.  They can be submitted to the Treasurer or to campusunion@wofford.edu. Click here for more details on general proposals.

2)  Chartered organizations can apply for funds through the allocation process.  Every semester, organizations can submit an application and go through a short interview with the Financial Affairs Committee.  Events, trips, and projects for the next semester must be budgeted at this time.  The applications can be found online or in the Student Affairs Office at the appropriate time of year.  The funds for Fall 2008 have already been allocated.  Look for applications for Spring 2009 in mid November.

If you have any questions, please contact a Cabinet member, Campus Union delegate, or Financial Affairs committee member. 



Treasurer Griffin
Wofford 2010