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Drake McCormick
Student Body President

Will Randall
Student Body Vice President

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Bali Channa
Student Body Secretary

Trey Williams
Student Body Treasurer

Complete this application and submit by 5:00 pm, Friday, September 22nd, 2017. Please email with questions or concerns. 

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*The Campus Union committees are the standing committees of Wofford’s student government.  These committees meet weekly and all members are expected to also attend outside events being put on by the committee. These students are appointed by the Elections and Nominations Committee (E&N).  

Which Campus Union Committee are you applying for?


College Committees

The following committees are standing committees of the College and operate independently of the Campus Union. The committees are chaired by members of the faculty, and they meet several times a semester.

Career Services: Two upper-class students who will contribute worthwhile feedback to the faculty and staff on this committee.

Cultural Affairs: Two students who will work with the faculty to consider proposals and allocate funding.

Library: Two students who will work with and advise the Dean of the Library and the faculty.

Interim: Three students who enjoy reading a lot of material and will thoughtfully consider independent proposals.

Publications Committee: Three students interested in working to improve the college publications.

Student Life: Four students who will work with the faculty to recommend to the Board policy statements on student activities including religious programs, recreation, entertainment, student government, residence life and Campus Safety. The committee shall monitor and ensure support activities of these programs.

*Please answer the committee specific questions.
Why do you want to serve on this (these) committee(s)?

What strengths would you bring to the committee that another student may not possess?

Please list other organizations you are a member of for the upcoming year, specific responsibilities,(i.e., president, committee chair, etc.) and time commitment involved. Or you may attach your resume.

Answer the following questions for the committee(s) to which you are applying only.

Campus Relations Committee

The purpose of this committee is to facilitate communication among and between students, chartered organizations, the faculty and staff of Wofford College, as well as the Spartanburg community.  The committee plans and implements annual events including but not limited to the Faculty Appreciation Luncheon Game and the Winter Lighting.  The Campus Relations Committee is responsible for advertising all for Campus Union events and elections.

If you were on the committee, how would you promote Campus Union and its events? 

How do you think Campus Union can better serve Wofford students?

What ideas do you have for new programs that the Campus Relations Committee could implement?

Facility Affairs Committee

The Facility Affairs Committee is responsible for communicating students’ suggestions for improvements in the physical plant, food services, campus development and maintenance services.  It communicates the plans for proposed additions and the improvements in the campus to the students and gives students’ feedback to the staff and trustees making the decisions.  The committee works closely with the Director and Assistant Director of the Physical Plant, Aramark’s Director of Food Services, the Senior Vice President, the Chief Financial Officer of the College and the Dean of Students.  The committee organizes the bi-annual campus lighting walks and facility forums.

What ideas do you have for programs and services that the Facility Affairs Committee needs to address?

Choose one idea listed above and explain how you would implement it.

Financial Affairs Committee

Financial Affairs Committee compiles and proposes the Campus Union budget to the Assembly each spring.  The Committee conducts the bi-annual allocation process for chartered organizations.  It receives and reviews all proposals for funding (outside of the allocation process) from Campus Union.  Each week the chairperson reports the financial position of the Campus Union Assembly.

What experience do you bring to the Financial Affairs Committee?

With limited funds, the committee has to choose which individuals and organizations to fund.  What criteria would you use to evaluate a request for funding?

Wofford Live Committee

The Wofford Live Committee plans and executes large concerts for the student body as well as allocates a certain portion of their budget to smaller fun events on campus. The committee is charged with improving campus life and increasing energy and participation of students in events. Each committee member may be in charge of or involved with risk management, productions, concert selection, financial management, or allocations.

How do you define a successful event?

What do you think is the greatest challenge for events at Wofford?

What fresh concert and event ideas do you have that would be successful as Wofford Live events?

Name one event planned by Wofford Live that was not as successful as it could have been. Why was it unsuccessful?

What do you think about the new Wofford Live changes?

Describe any experiences you have had in event planning.

Wofford Activities Council

The Wofford Activities Council exists to provide the student body with a variety of social events. Major events include: a “back to school event”, Homecoming Week activities; Fall Formal; the Black & Gold Ball; Spring Weekend and Interim events.  Previous concerts produced by the council include O.A.R.; Edwin McCain and Sister Hazel this year. The council brings various comedians, hypnotists, magicians to the campus for student entertainment.  Although WAC does have a set membership based on an application process at the beginning of the semester, the council welcomes anyone to come to the weekly meetings to voice opinions and make suggestions!

What ideas do you have for new events and programs that WAC could plan and implement?

How can WAC better promote its events to students?

Please make any additional comments about your possible role in the Wofford Activities Council here.

What questions do you have for E&N?

Wofford Athletics and Recreation

The Wofford Athletics and Recreation Committee is a group of students that have come together to support the numerous athletes of Wofford College. The goal is simple: increase the attendance and support of Wofford College’s athletic programs, including the non-traditional sports that usually receive a minimal amount of student support. The committee coordinates, sponsors, and funds events and promotions to encourage students to come to games and make athletics a daily part of the college-life routine.

What ideas do you have for new events and programs that WAR could plan and implement?

How can WAR better promote its events to students?

Please make any additional comments about your possible role in the WAR Committee here.

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