Campus Safety Officer

Property Protection

Wofford Campus Safety Badge  

Protection of your personal property is your responsibility. Although we strive to make the campus a safe and secure location, our campus is open. In order to do the most that you can to keep your belongings safe and secure take the time to do the following measures. It may well be worth the time and effort.

Fill out the Operation ID Property List that is on this site. Bring it by the Campus Safety Office and we will file a copy for you; you retain a copy. Serial numbers are key to property recovery!

  • Take a digital photo of the valuables and attach it to the Operation ID Property List.
  • Bring you small valuable items by the Campus Office and we will etch them with your name. 
  • Sign out one of our engravers and engrave your name on your larger valuables such as TVs, stereos and computers.
  • Always lock your room doors, especially when you leave the room or are sleeping!  Lock your door even when going to the shower.
  • Immediately report strangers on your hall or anyone acting suspiciously.
  • Check on your vehicle often; do not leave it for days or weeks without checking on it.
  • Never leave valuables in plain sight in your vehicle.
  • If your leave your vehicle on campus over a break, park it in one of our locked parking lots.
  • A lock box for small valuables is a good idea.