Campus Safety Officer

A Message from the Director of Campus Safety

J. Randy HallThe Officers of Wofford College Department of Campus Safety and I would like to welcome you to our campus. It is our desire that your stay at Wofford is safe, rewarding and enjoyable.

Our Department takes the protection of our students, faculty, staff and property very seriously. Our number one resource in this endeavor is the members of our campus community. The vigilance of our students, faculty and staff is invaluable- we depend on the quick reporting of incidents and conscientious (albeit common sense) property security methods. Our officers are available twenty-four hours a day and will assist you as needed.

As a member of the campus community, we ask that you take measures to protect yourself and your property. Take a moment to record your valuable property items on our property ID form and drop off a copy with Campus Safety and keep a copy for your records. A good digital photo of your items is also a good idea. Operation ID forms can be obtained here. Our officers will lend you an engraver to mark your belongings as well. Remember to always lock you dorm room as that is the best way to protect your property. Observation of College rules and policies is necessary for the maintenance of good order and safety. For information about rules and policies of the college, please visit either the Department’s or the Student Affairs website. While we want you to enjoy your time at Wofford, we expect you to obey the laws of the state and rules of the college. This is especially true in cases of alcohol and drug use.

If you have any questions regarding our services or suggestions to improve our operations, please call me at 597-4351 or email me at

J. Randy Hall
Director of Campus Safety