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Wofford College Crime Alerts 

Wofford College Crime Alerts

12 March 08.  Domestic Violence/Violation of Trespass Notice incident involving employee and ex-spouse.  Campus Safety responded, subject fled and warrant filed.  Subject apprehended on 13 March.  No personnel or property injured or damaged.

14 March 08.  An unknown subject stole a student’s 2007 F250 from Memorial Drive across from Marsh Hall.  The vehicle was recovered on 17 March at Camp Croft although subjects stripped it and heavily damage the vehicle.  Students should not park on Memorial Drive unless they are willing to assume the risk of damage of theft.  Also, walking on the drive is not safe as there are no sidewalks and it is not brightly lit at night.

17 March 08.  A thin, shabbily-dressed middle-aged black male stole personal items of two students jogging on Liberty Trail at 8:30 p.m.  The students placed cell phones, keys, an ID card and a jacket on the bench while they ran around the trail and, when they completed the run, the items were gone.  Campus Safety apprehended the man at Burger King and recovered all of the property except one of the phones.

13 April 08  On Sunday, April 13, at 12:45 p.m., four black males ranging in age from 18 to 26 years of age traveled through the Memorial Auditorium parking lot onto Marsh Circle and waited by the Greene Hall door for someone to let them in. As an unsuspecting student exited Greene, the four gained access to the building by grabbing the door before it shut. The four roamed the halls, trying doorknobs and knocking on doors.  The four knocked on the door of a female student that was in her room, greatly frightening her, and then wandered around the halls. The students called Campus Safety, who responded immediately. Campus Safety found two of the subjects in Greene Hall and escorted them off campus and issued the two Trespass Notices. The other two were found on Evins Street and also were issued Trespass Notices. One subject was on crutches and missing a leg and was recently released from County detention as he was wearing an armband from the detention facility. Campus Safety thanks the students that issued the prompt notification. This incident highlights the need to keep your rooms locked and for students to be aware of anyone who is around residence hall doors when they are entering or leaving. Look out of the door window when you are exiting the building and do not exit a door if you notice strangers hanging around, possibly looking to get in. If you are entering a building, do not let strangers in behind you. If you see someone hanging around our residence hall doors, enter through another door and call Campus Safety. If you see these four subjects (easily recognized by one in the group on crutches missing his left leg and having extremely bucked teeth) call Campus Safety immediately. In other, apparently unrelated cases, Campus Safety responded to two thefts of television sets over the weekend of students that were away from campus on athletic trips.

9 June 08: A student reported that an unknown subject had broken into her vehicle that had had been parked in the Black Admissions parking lot on 8 June. The subject(s) entered the vehicle by breaking out the passenger side window with a rock. The console was also damaged by the rock and her purse was taken.