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Community Input Form

Wofford College Campus Safety is concerned that we provide members of the community with the best service possible. Our officers are either sworn law enforcement or SC Law Enforcement Division certified premise security officers with full powers of arrest and to carry firearms. 

We would like to know and understand how we can better serve you. Suggestions will be studied and given consideration.  If you wish to make a suggestion or a complaint, you may complete this form. If you wish, the entire matter can remain confidential.  All complaints will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate corrective action taken when warranted. You will be informed of the results. 

Please feel free to express yourself on any items which you feel should be directed to our attention. We cannot improve our services to you unless we are aware of your concerns.  If this is a complaint, an investigating officer will contact you for further information.  The results of a complaint investigation will be provided to you so your correct contact information is important. 


Randy Hall, Director of Campus Safety

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