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Refund Policy

The College refunds all overpayments or excess loan fund distributions each semester, after the finalization of financial aid and registration.  Checks made payable to the student (with the exception of refunds resulting from a PLUS Loan (Parent Loan), which are made payable to the parent) are mailed to the permanent home address.  Fall semester refunds are issued in early December and Interim/Spring semester refunds are issued in mid-March. 

Return of any portion of the comprehensive fee paid will be made only in the case of permanent withdrawal from the College.  The amount of any refund is calculated separately for each payment period and is based on a percentage of the comprehensive fee for the period.  After sixty percent of the payment period has elapsed, a student is no longer eligible for a refund for that period.  The refund calculation is performed by the Financial Aid Office; a detailed explanation of the calculation is included in the Financial Aid Handbook.

Parent PLUS Loan Borrowers 

Parent PLUS Loan funds are applied to the student's account first before other financial aid funds or payments are applied.  If a Parent PLUS Loan exceeds the total charges on account creating a credit balance excess funds will be returned to the parent borrower unless the parent has authorized the funds to be directed to the student.


Interim courses that require participants to pay additional fees and have excess funds remaining at the end of the program will be refunded equally to each participant.  Refunds will not be processed for amounts less than $75.   Interim refund amounts will be credited to the student's account and any credit balance created will be refunded with normal Interim/Spring refund schedule in mid-March.



Paid reservation deposits are non-refundable.  If a student withdraws from the College after payment of the reservation deposit, the paid deposit is forfeited.

Any residence hall damages for which the student is held responsible are applied against the dorm security deposit held by the College.  Students that are currently enrolled when a charge is applied against their deposit will be billed the same amount to bring their deposit to the required $250.  At the time a student ceases to reserve or reside in College housing, the balance of the deposit after any outstanding charges due to the College have been applied becomes refundable.  Refunds may be processed within sixty days of a student’s withdrawal or graduation.  In place of a refund, students may request that any remaining deposit amounts be donated to the College for a purpose determined by each graduating class.