Bonner Scholars gathered during a meeting

Summer Service Project

The Bonner Scholar program requires that its students complete at least 280 hours of community service over at least 7 weeks for two of their three summers as college students. The Summer Service Internship is designed to be a more intensive service experience than during the school year, and a great opportunity for the student to try out different career and personal interests.

Guidelines for Summer Service
There are several guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a site for summer service.

  • You must work with a non-profit organization;

  • You can be paid for your service (this is different from regular school-year Bonner service);

  • You must complete the 280 hours over at least 7 weeks, but you may work more weeks if you like;

  • You may only count up to 8 hours of service each day, even if working at an overnight camp;

  • Your summer service may be completed anywhere as long as it is approved through the summer service proposal;

  • A Community Learning Agreement, monthly hourlogs, and reflections are all still required during the summer;

  • You have access to funds through the Summer Living Stipend during each summer of service;

  • Once you satisfactorily complete your service and reflections and account for all pre-distributed funds, you will receive $1500 from the Summer Earnings Stipend for each of up to two summers.

Allocations for Summer Living Stipend
Each student can access up to $2500 to fund up to three summers of service. Summer Living Stipends can help pay for different living expenses including:

  • Housing and Utilities
  • Meals
  • Transportation
  • Supplies

Summer Service Proposal
You must submit a Summer Service Proposal by Monday, April 16th, 2012, in order to have your Summer Service Internship approved by approved by the Bonner Coordinator. You must contact your site ahead of time in order to learn about your service commitment and get any other required information. You will need to know your site supervisor and all of their contact information. It is important to get this information in on time so that your site can be approved.

Summer Service Deadlines
Monday, April 16th, 2012 - Summer Service Proposals
Monday, April 30th, 2012 - Summer Living Stipend Proposal Due