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Loan Reduction

Loan Reduction Fund for Graduating Seniors
Up to $1,600 (from the final year’s allocation) is to used for the sole purpose of reducing each Bonner Scholar’s total educational loan indebtedness at the time of graduation

To be eligible for the Loan Reduction Award, graduating Bonner Scholars must have met the following requirements:

  • Attended first year orientation

  • Completed the school year hourly service requirement every year in the Bonner Scholars Program

  • Participated in at least two full time summer service opportunities

  • Participated in a recommitment exercise at the end of second year in the Program

  • Completed first year, mid point and graduating Student Impact Surveys

  • Participated in the Student Developmental Model

  • Made a senior capstone “presentation of learning and service impact”

  • Attended a senior exit interview with the Director of the Bonner Scholars Program.

Students who graduate with no educational loans will be allowed to use their loan reduction funds towards graduate school. This option must be used within seven years of graduation.

The Loan Reduction Fund should be disbursed through a college check to the lender or graduate school on behalf of the student.