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Living Stipend Information

Summer Living Stipend Expense Guidelines
Please read over the following guidelines before submitting a Summer Living Stipend Form.
Please use the following guidelines when accounting for Summer Money in the following categories: 

Reporting Expenses 
If you received summer funds, you must keep account of all the money you received by submitting receipts every month and an expense report along with your monthly hour log.  All receipts should be kept as long as they relate to Bonner expenses (see below).  You should record your expenses monthly using the Summer Living Expense Report and mail it along with your receipts and hour log to the Bonner Office no later than ten business days after the end of the month. 

Housing & Utilities

  • This includes monthly or “lump-sum” rent, gas/electricity, water, and basic phone service.
  • If you have one or more roommates, these expenses must be split evenly between you and your roommates.
  • Expenses such as cable, long distance, Internet service, etc should not be included unless it is a direct requirement of your service but not provided by your service site. You may be asked to provide proof from your service site that these services were required.
  • Any fully or partially refunded deposits (i.e. for an apartment) must be returned at the end of the summer.
  • You will also need to turn in any lease or rent receipts.


  • You are allotted $15/day for food, which can be used for groceries or meals in restaurants & food vendors. $15/day=$105/week @ 7 weeks=$735. You will more than likely not need $735/month for groceries, so please plan accordingly.  Only your meals are covered by the Summer Living Stipend, if possible please provide separate receipts when eating out.
  • If you spend over the specified amounts on a single meal, you must pay the difference.
  • All meals paid for with credit cards must be itemized. Credit card receipts with just the total will not be
  • Alcohol cannot be paid for with Bonner money.
  • If you are staying at home for your service, then you may consider only requesting money for lunch (or
    money for groceries for lunch). 


  • This includes plane, train, and bus fare, car rentals, and taxicabs. Plane and train fares - Computer print outs are acceptable as long as they have the price of the ticket and some indication that it was paid for.
    Taxicabs - Receipts must be provided from taxis, printed or hand written on a receipt card or stub.
  • Gas is reimbursed by mileage, not actual amount spent. Do not provide receipts for gas. This amount should be estimated when you submit your Summer Service Proposal, and reported on your Monthly Expense Sheet.
  • Subway and bus tickets with the date and fare printed on them are acceptable. Purchasing these tickets by the month or week are usually cheaper.


  • This includes supplies that are required, but not provided, by your service site.
  • This does not include personal items such as deodorant, shampoo, soap, etc.
  • Please note that you will NOT have access to Community Funds during the summer!  Supplies would include things for which you would normally request Community Funds.

Other Notes 

  • Juniors (Rising Seniors) and students remaining in Spartanburg to continue their service from the academic year are eligible for additional funds for service through the Bonner Foundation. These funds can be applied for by using this form.
    Complete the form, and turn it in with your other proposal. Do not submit it directly to the Bonner Foundation!
  • Please remember that the funds you receive from the Bonner Scholars Program are to be used for your direct expenses only. Expenses such as rent, car rentals, groceries, and meals should be split with roommates, other Bonners, or fellow patrons, or they must limited to costs you actually incur.
  • It is in your best interest to keep copies of you receipts and expense reports.
  • If you have a cell phone, it may be more convenient to use this as your primary phone line instead of getting a phone connected for a short time. You cannot use Bonner funds to pay for your cell phone bill.