Bonner Scholars on location at a service learning project

Community Fund

The Bonner Community Fund is money allocated to Bonner Scholars and members of the Wofford and Spartanburg communities for service projects on campus and in the surrounding community. Community Funds can support new projects or be used to expand existing ones.

There is $3000.00 each semester available through the Community Fund. Typically Bonners use the funds to supplement resources at their service sites with enrichment materials and events such as games and books or end of the year celebrations for students in tutoring programs.

A Community Fund Proposal should be submitted within two weeks advance of when the amount requested would be needed (this includes a week for the Bonner Leadership Team to review and request any changes, and a week for the Business office to draw up a check if approved). Please consider that if the proposal if vague it will be asked to be revised and thus more time might be needed prior to the date funds are needed.

Appropriate Use of Funds (as outlined by the Bonner Foundation)

Appropriate uses of the Community Fund include (but are not limited to):

  • Covering the start up expenses for a service project designed by a Bonner
  • Purchasing books or other supplies for students Bonners are tutoring
  • Paying summer camp tuition for students tutored by Bonners
  • Training-related expenses including travel and registration expenses for conferences and workshops (No more than 25% of the opening balance for each semester can be used for training)

Inappropriate Uses (as outlined by the Bonner Foundation)

Inappropriate uses of the Community Fund include (but are not limited to):

  • Donations to agencies or projects to which Bonners or other students from your institution are
    not directly involved
  • Travel expenses to and from the service site throughout the school year and/or the summer
  • Supplements to summer living funds for summer placements or internships
  • Food or drinks for Bonner Scholars meetings
  • Expenses for a Bonner Scholars awards program
  • Expenses related to the general administration of the Bonner Program (travel, printing, phone, supplies,
         salaries, etc.)