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BLAM! Wofford’s Explosive Summer Adventure Explores the Many Worlds of Mathematics in Exciting New Ways!

“BLAM: Bridging Liberal Arts and Math.” Live on Campus for 2 Weeks Connecting Mathematics to Art, Literature, History, Games, Science, Music, Theatre and More!


Mathematics bridges everything! From art and literature to music and history, mathematics is a common thread which connects the liberal arts.

What is BLAM?

BLAM is an innovative, two-week, residential interdisciplinary program that will run from July 18 through July 31, 2010.

In BLAM, we will use mathematics as a starting point for our explorations of logic, literature, art, music, and history. We will focus on mathematics that is considered extracurricular for middle and high school students, but which is nevertheless accessible for those students. We will use interactive demonstrations to connect the mathematics we study to other fields in the spirit of a liberal arts education.

We will explore: the logical foundations of mathematics and their connection to the writings of Lewis Carroll and Raymond Smullyan; the earth-shattering discoveries of irrational numbers and non-Euclidean geometries; how fractals are mathematically generated, along with their use in art; the mathematics of tessellations, and M.C. Escher's use of them in his works; the relationships between number theory and musical scales, and how those relationships helped shape the world view of the Pythagorean movement; how an eighteenth century puzzle led to the theory behind computer networks; how the shapes of bubbles help us to create better product packaging; and other topics chosen from among the interests of our participants.

All classes will emphasize problem solving, collaborative learning, and experiential learning.

We are thrilled to be sponsored by Wolfram Research, creators of Mathematica.  All participants will receive a copy of Mathematica for Students to install on their home computers.  Mathematica will play a vital role in our explorations by not only helping us with tricky calculations, but also (and more importantly) providing interactive visualizations of the concepts we'll discuss.

Who Should Attend?

BLAM is designed for students who are rising 8th through 12th graders. BLAM is not limited to students with extraordinary mathematical ability (although we certainly welcome those students!); rather, it is intended for students who simply enjoy learning in any discipline.


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