Student in scrubs looking in a microscope

Preparing for Health Careers


I am the current Coordinator for Health Careers Advising at Wofford College. Along with five other faculty members, we advise and guide interested students towards meeting the expectations and requirements of medical schools across the United States. In addition, we advise students interested in various other health careers, such as dentistry, physical therapy, physician assistant, nursing, and optometry.

As you may be aware, the competition for the limited number of “seats” in U.S. medical schools is quite intense. However, Wofford has been very successful at facilitating the development of students and their eventual entry into medical programs. Since 1994, we have averaged a 78% acceptance rate for qualified students (GPA above 3.3 and competitive MCAT score), and in the state of South Carolina we currently have the highest per capita acceptance rate into medical school of all undergraduate colleges and universities in the state. We currently have graduates attending MUSC, USC at Columbia, USC at Greenville, Wake Forest, Medical College of Georgia, University of Alabama, Emory University, the Mayo Medical School and Yale University.

What accounts for our success? Although small, we cherish our reputation of producing well-rounded students that can embody all the qualities of a liberal arts education, which are the very traits that admission officers of today’s medical schools use to select their top choices. Thus the success of our program is ultimately due to the diversity of opportunities at Wofford College and how each individual student takes advantage of those opportunities in his or her own unique way. In addition, we offer of variety of opportunities specifically for pre-med students. These include collaborating with local hospitals to provide clinical internships during the January interim term, hosting information sessions with admissions officers from regional medical schools, and organizing mock medical school interviews with local physicians. If you have any specific questions about our program please contact me at

Current Wofford students interested in a career in medicine should enroll in the “Pre-med Moodle” webpage ( By enrolling in this site you will not only have access to current guidelines and advice for applying to medical school, but you will also be placed on the mailing list to receive announcements about pre-med related information and events on campus.

Natalie Spivey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Coordinator for Health Careers Advising