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  • What do you do with a Biology degree?

    Bio Degree 2 

    Wofford graduates who majored in biology are doing great things with their degrees. Recent graduates are working as:

    • > Pediatripulmonologist at USCSM
    • > Physcian at Family Healthcare Center (Laurens, SC)
    • > Physical Therapist (SCORE Sports medicine and PT in NC
    • > Nephrologist in Central Carolina Nephrology
    • > Pediatric Nurse at MUSC
    • > Resident in FP in Asheville
    • > Resident in diagnostic radiology at U of CA
    • > Intern at Palmetto Health Richland
    • > Clinical rotation at GHS
    • > 2- Practice Automation Consultant for Electronic Healthcare Systems
    • > Shift Supervisor at Optical Experts Manufacturing
    • > Law Clerk for Rogeis Townsend & Thomas
    • > Registered Nurse at Emory University Hospital
    • > Patient Coordinator at Complete Dental Care
    • > Project Manager at Alexander Haas Martin & Partners, Inc.
    • > Practice Administrator at Vein Specialists of the South
    • > Rehab Technician/Nursing Assistant at Health South Rehab Institute of Tucson
    • > Practice Automation Consultant for Electronic Healthcare Systems, Inc.
    • > Medical school students pursuing a wide range of specialties
    • > Biology Teacher
    • > Deployed to Afghanistan
    • > EMT
    • > Intern at CIEE Research Station Bonaire
    • > Medical Missions in Africa
    • > Research Specialist with Cardiothoracic Translational Research Center
    • > Teaching in China and South Korea 

    Being a biology major doesn’t mean that you have to go to medical school or that you are expected to enter a health care field, although many biology majors choose to take that route. The critical thinking, research, analytical, and organizational skills that you will develop as a biology major prepare you for a variety of careers as well as for success in graduate school.

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  • In the Work Force

    The following are examples of careers that a major in biology will prepare you for:

    • Teacher (high school or college)
    • Naturalist
    • Industrial or University researcher
    • Lab technician
    • State or federal government biologist
    • Health care professional (physician, dentist, veterinarian, nurse)
    • Health care administrator
    • Sales/marketing representative in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries

    *Please note that some of these careers require additional schooling beyond an undergraduate degree.