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Why Should I Support Wofford?

We get it. You're a college student. But hear us out. Chances are, you benefited from generations of alumni who came before you and chose to make the commitment to better our college. You now have the opportunity to do the same for future generations of Wofford students.

Every part of campus--each building, program, department, student, professor-- depends on the loyalty of donors to Wofford. From our well-manicured lawns to the cutting edge classroom technologies... you make all of this possible with a gift to The Wofford Fund or Terrier Club.

Here's why you should Support Wofford:

> Your gift is an expression of passions and priorities. When you give, you have the ability to support the programs that are important to you. No matter if you decide to designate your gifts to The Wofford Fund's designations of Area of Greatest Need, Faculty & Staff Support, Library & Technology, Scholarship Support, Student Experiences or to the Terrier Club, your dollars act as your voice in showing the college where the passion and priorities of our students and alumni lie.

> Every. Gift. Counts. No matter if you can give $5.21 or $100, we value your contribution. Truly. Your gift matters, and we appreciate your support as a donor to Wofford.

> Giving demonstrates your loyalty. By giving to Wofford, you express your belief in the college's mission and vision and show that you are willing to invest in its continued success.

> Tuition covers only a portion of the total cost for each student to attend Wofford. The college turns to The Wofford Fund to offset the difference in order to provide the best possible experience for our students. The Terrier Club is also instrumental in providing scholarships to deserving student-athletes.

> Alumni support matters. Alumni participation (that's you, soon!) is considered by ranking systems such as the US News and World Report. The college's rankings help attract the best students, faculty and staff, in turn, increasing the value of your degree


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