Student Philanthropy Initiative FAQs


Q: What is The Benefactors Student Philanthropy Initiative?

A: The Benefactors is Wofford's student philanthropy organization, focused on creating a culture of generosity and helping Wofford students understand and appreciate how the generosity of others has enriched their Wofford experience. The Student Philanthropy Initiative targets the whole Wofford student body and invites them to give back to the institution that has given them so much.

Q: What is the deadline to participate?

A: The Benefactors Student Philanthropy Initiative begins on Wofford Founder's Day (Benjamin Wofford's birthday) on October 19 and runs year long. However, you can make a gift to The Wofford Fund or Terrier Club at any time. Wofford's gift year coincides with the calendar year – ending on December 31, 2017. 

Q: Why should I give?

A: The Wofford experience is possible because of the generosity of others. Now it’s your turn to make future generations of Wofford students privy to the same opportunities you had. Click here for even more reasons!

Q: Where does my gift go?

A: You may designate your gift to either of the college's annual funds: The Wofford Fund or Terrier Club. Click here to make your gift!

Q: How much should I give?

A: Any gift size is welcome, although we ask that each student consider making a gift in the size of their classes' recommended level or more. You may want to consider a leadership level gift of $100 or more, or maybe a gift in honor of your graduation year works better for you. Your participation matters more than the amount. Click here for a full list of incentives for giving at each of these levels!

Q: What is The Wofford Fund?

A: The Wofford Fund is comprised of annual gifts that support projects, programs and other priorities critical to the prosperity of Wofford College. You may designate your gift to The Wofford Fund to any of the five below allocations: Area of Greatest Need, Faculty & Staff Development, Library & Technology, Scholarship Support and Student Experiences. To learn more about each of these, visit The Wofford Fund Allocations webpage.

Q: What is the Terrier Club?

A: The Terrier Club is dedicated to supporting Wofford's student-athletes. A long history of annual giving to the Terrier Club has provided countless numbers of students with athletic scholarships and helped define Wofford's athletic program as a leader in the Southern Conference.

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